Sandhurst introduction?

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Hello gents,

I am a US Army officer stationed in London as a student. I've never been to Sandhurst and was hoping to arrange a visit on a Thursday or Friday sometime later in the fall. Is there anyone on the forum who might be able to show me around or know someone who can show me around?

I can provide bona fides and of course my official email address by PM. jim30 is also willing to vouch for me.



If you are a US Officer stationed in London, contact the academy directly and they will arrange a visit. Alternatively get yourself in to London UOTC and they will sort you out.


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Did I sleep with you and then forget to call or give back your underwear? I must stop doing that...
No you're just a little bit of a dick. Your blog's not boring at all.


So why do you read it then? Trying to follow logic of 'its boring, therefore I will read it of my own compulsion and moan about it being boring'.

Thats a truly special form of logic on display there :)
Oh, don't waste your time on Bile Spewer!

Anyways, even if jim30 were a dick (he's not, either on the Internet or in person) it still wouldn't recommend anyone to me at Sandhurst. So, Mr. Spewer, please be helpful or stop spewing.

Well, gents, the fact that Jim has been perfectly helpful to me as a foreigner in your country, and you all have hijacked this threat, suggests to me that this is a situation of the iron pot calling the china teapot "black."


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And we draw this one to a close.

Speak to your embassy, the Defence section will be able to help by going through official channels.

Obviously this is going to be a bitch fest so now locked before it gets worse.
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