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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Bath101, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, I had look but couldn't find it.

    Does anyone know how quickly the Sandhurst May intake gets filled? I was aiming for May 2011 provided I pass all the steps, but as my doctor took her sweet time with my medical it looks like I'm going to miss the AOSB cut off date (mid Jan I think) for the May intake.

    I think I read somewhere that the May intake doesn't get filled as quick as Jan or Sept but then again I heard recently that all the intakes are filling up pretty quickly.

    Anyone got any info on it/been in a similar situation?


  2. Officer forum should help you out as it has a sub-forum dedicated to Officer training.
  3. I did my main board in mid-April and a couple of guys were still on for May intake. Whether they passed and subsequently started the course is unknown to me but May certainlt wasn't full. No sure if the recruitment situation will change for this year though.
  4. SCB


  5. I also did my AOSB M in mid April and was on course for the May 2010 intake. But am now on the PRAMS course for which i know sweet FA about and the earliest one I could get on is Jan2011! So am also going in May2011, just to give you an idea of time scale.

    You are right there is less demand for the May intake than Jan or Sept due to Uni students going in Sept and Jan..... I can't remember, another good reason though.

    The April 2010 AOSB Main should have been the last one for May 2010 RMAS intake but while I was on the course I heard that they then opened up the next 2 AOSB mains for May 2010 as it wasn't full. Rumors, maybe, but AOSB litterally come one after the other, we left another set came, it all depends on how many people have passed main board previously I guess.
  6. Does anyone know if its true that Jan 11 is undersubscribed?
  7. heard a rumour at my main board that PCCBC for jan has been put back to Dec as it is undersubscribed. Will find out on monday when I ring them up
  8. Could you confirm that with me, my PCCBC is booked for the 9th of November, it would be a real upset for me if the dates were changed.
  9. no dramas mate will do