Sandhurst Intake

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Nocens_Canis, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Which one is the best to go for, or is it not really a factor? I had heard that the January intake is the best because you do most of the outdoors stuff in the summer, or is someone pulling my leg?
  2. January is probably the most comfortable in terms of seasons/exercises (the second term has the most time away on exercise).

    Perhaps the more important aspect is how competitive the different intakes are. I was told (by a recent member of the staff there) that the differences are noticable year on year. The September intake is always the fittest and most competitive in terms of quality.

    The other thing to consider (depending on which regiment or corps you intend to join) is that each regiment/corps is capped at a certain number of new officers a year. As I understand it the "year" is the calender year therefore the quotas run from January to December; this means that regiments will have more vacancies for officers commissioning from the May intake (i.e. in April and therfore the first to commission in a new year). This is not applicable if you want to join the RLC, RA or RE, etc. as these will generally always have enough spaces for those who wish to go (and of course pass the quality criteria). The Regimental Secretary or equivalent should be able to advise you if this is a consideration.

    In short it usually doesn't really matter which intake you go to. I was in a September intake and it did me no harm.
  3. I thought the Janurary intake would be the hardest since it's winter. The cold and darkness would surely contribute to the intensity in the first 5 weeks. Or does it matter atall?

    (I'm hoping for Jan '09)
  4. September 2009 is what all the cool kids are going on...
  5. I think people go on a bit too much about the first 5 weeks. I personnally found the second term with all of the exercises in it to be far more demanding than the first five weeks of the first term. The first five weeks is just a case of head down and go (and don't f*ck up!)

    The short answer is that if you have what it takes to be an officer then it doesn't matter which intake you join. The only things that might influence you are personal timings (finishing university/previous job, etc.) or if your regiment of choice does not have any places left for your planned year of commission (meaning that if you delay by a term you will find yourself in the next quota year).

    It could also be said that it is "easier" to shine in either the Jan or May intakes on the basis that the competition is less stiff. However if you are the sort to be worrying about whether or not you will win the sword then you probably just want to get through and into the army as early as possible and choose which ever intake suits from the timing perspective.
  6. All intakes are really the same, but May has more Army entrants, therefore a bit more real experience around the Platoon rather than the Sep UOTC can get a bit boring with all the 'this one time at OTC camp' attitude.

    All the merrygoround of which one is best is really just that.....there are good points and bad ones, best thing to do though is just get in there and get through it as quickly as possible and quit wasting time in 1 UK Civ.

    Apart from that.......the big party at the end is well worth being held in the summer, start in Jan and then the big day is in the depths of winter......makes the outdoor rides a bit SH!!te!
  7. All

    Is the intake the first week of each month (i.e. Jan, Sept, Dec)? (I am going for Sept 2008 and have a wedding (not mine) the last weekend in August).

    A link to dates would be great; I have had no luck in finding them.

  8. I was told that the Sept 08 intake was verging on full and this was back in April.
  9. Thats not good news! I'll still go for it and if it is, so be it!

    Can anyone confirm?
  10. It was my careers Officer who told me.
  11. Second intake of the year is the best - all very chilled...
  12. They were about 100 OCDTs down on max numbers for the last entry, so jan could be good for sheer planning reasons.
  13. I would say (currently being at Sandhurst) that the first five weeks of Juniors, although a bit of a ball-ache, not all that bad. Virgin Soldier is a day and a half of pretty easy exercise, whilst Self-Reliance can get boring and is generally a ball-ache because most are not very good at living in the field at this point.

    The opinion of the majority within Inters/Seniors currently is that Inters is actually the hardest term, due to length of Exercises and just generally how they are.

    And I truly don't believe there is much difference in the intakes anymore, except that May is almost always under-subscribed in numbers.
  14. This is correct - May has sufficient numbers. There is however a noticeable reduction in requests for the othyer terms over the last 48 months.
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