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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by wooz, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. Greetings all,

    I have been trawling through posts for several months now trying to gain more knowledge to aid me in hopefully making the intake for May.

    However, I have a couple of questions if anybody could help.

    Firstly, does anybody know the specific date of the May intake?

    Second, does anybody know how hard AOSB is in comparison to AIB. ( I have previously passed the Royal Marines POC, but was unsuccessful at the AIB and the recall is too long for me to wait as intake is only once a now looking at Sept 2011)

    Thirdly, is anybody else looking at taking main board 2368 (16th March-19th)

    Would appreciate your help.

  2. May intake is on Sunday 9th.

    You'll be lucky to get in for May though with your Main Board as late as march!
  3. As said, if you're going to Main Board in march, you're most likely not going before September. Sorry mate.

    Whole thread on AOSB, mate, you'll find all sorts of info in there.
  4. I originally thought that this would be the case.

    However, I have rang up my AOSB contact and also been sent an email explaining that the last board for intake in May is actually 19th-22nd of April. My ACA has also confirmed this.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed as this seems a bit close to call, I seriously doubt that they are short of numbers to make the may intake!
  5. Are you sure thats not the final PCCBC? There is zero chance of doing AOSB that late and then making it onto the PCCBC before RMAS.

    I was at AOSB last week and the Brigadier said that there are alost no spaces left in may. Most of those that remained probably went at the beginning of this week after those who passed the last board sobered up enough to call OCAC.

    Edited to say that it seems the Brigadier was wrong and that there are plenty of spaces remaining.
  6. Wooz, you were on the Para POC aye?

    You won't make it for May mate, no chance. Last PCCBC is halfway through March.

    The last board for May is running NOW.
  7. No no no, Wooz I have the same info as you (and I certainly hope it's right).
    To clarify, some kind soul somewhere along the AOSB/RMAS lines has thoughtfully cocked up some estimate or other and they have now found themselves with approx. 100 or so extra places on the May 2010 intake, hence the drastic shift in the cut-off date. I imagine they will put on an extra PCCBC to accommodate.

    I was down to attend a November Main Board but rather impressively snapped my arm in half (literally) at a Para Insight Course. Thought all hope for May intake was lost until my ACA filled me in on this convenient mishap.
    Guess a call to Sandhurst to check on spaces wouldn't go amiss.

    Oh and Wooz, I believe that's the same MB date as me. Best of luck and see you there.
  8. Extra spaces in the May intake is the best news I have heard all week, I am going for Sept and am up against the clock, anything that takes pressure off Sept is great!
  9. I booked my place for May at the beginning of this week, and the lady in the admin office said there were still 'quite a few' places left. Bear in mind, however, that there is a Main Board most weeks and that out of that there will be c40 passes, and from those a good number will want to go in May - any spare places are going to be snapped up quick.

    The way I'd look at it is worry about passing your MB, then worry about when you're going to start at the RMAS!
  10. Back in the day I sat RCB in the June and started in the September. Flash to bang 2 months. We had one guy who took RCB last week of July and started in the September. So it can be done, but you will have to do the leg work if you pass, to get in on that intake. This will mean calling the Intake Secretary (might be admissions now) at RMAS and offering her a large amount of flowers!
  11. The May intake isn't filling up as expected I heard! Which is because the May intake is usually weirdos and hippies like us lot, instead of the September crew of students and bankers!
  12. Thanks for the replies,

    So intake is on May 9th. Cheers Louie85.

    Obviously i have the hurdle of main board to overcome first.

    Just another question if anybody knows the answer. I have heard alot about "weeding out" the weaker cadets in the first week of Sandhurst. Does any body know what percentage this would represent. 5%, 10%?


  13. Speaking as a mere AOSB candidate myself, I really don't think that happens, I think that if you have shown the potential to pass AOSB, RMAS will do their best to develop that potential. They don't take pride in failing people, tts not a boot camp or selection.i
  14. I'm going in the May 2010 intake too. Just to reiterate what others have said; I also heard that the May intake was under subscribed from my UOTC CO. I find this unusual as I did main board back in June 09 and wasn't able to go in September. Guess September gets oversubscribed with students and ex London commuters/credit crunch victims.

    Good luck with main board and hope to see you there! :)
  15. Nail. Head. Choca block with them!