Sandhurst-Info required.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by muddysapper, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. Just received a 2 year sentence at RMAS starting soon. Can anyone give me a heads up as to where the married quarters are and what they're like? Any other useful info would also be appreciated.

  2. Will you be the same person who in a few weeks time will be flaming potential army officers for asking bone questions about what its like going to sandhurst?

    If I have a question about work, I just like to ask someone who I work with but then I spose the Armys a bit different. If I have a question noone else at work can answer, and the Ateam are not available, I normally ask a chap in wetherspoons. They know everything.

    Oh, and good luck. them, not you.
  3. Are you a c0ck?
  4. OOOH! Wonder what it's like getting out of the other side of bed in the mornings, then?
  5. no, not really. I just dont see why people in a structured organsiation, an organsiation you can always ask anybody the answer to anything, feel the need to ask complete strangers questions the anser to which they can find out quicker than logging into arrse and asking a bone question in the first place.

    Im not in the Army however I would probably ring up the admin office at RMAS and ask the question knowing full well the person answering it had the knowledge to..... well answer it.
  6. Well only a completely thick walt **** would ask such a question - why not look at your transition pack you ****..Carry on.
  7. and ive google earthed them - they look OK however who knows what goes on inside them.....what more do you need?
  8. There are quarters on camp, but I have mate's who're living in Aldershot and one who is in Arborfield. Not sure what the pads are like as I haven't been inside any of them, but the blokes at work don't seem to have too many problems, aside from minor stuff like not being able to get Virgin Media and stuff like that.
  9. By the way did you ever do 'spelling' at school ? I guess not so **** off back to detention you ignorant fuckpig.
  10. Ahhh. the last bastion of the internet hardman - resort to gramatical errors. I'll PM you if im ever filling in a job app or sending of a CV - however in meantime when posting on random internet boards Ill save you the trouble. but fanks 4 the ofer geez. iinit?
  11. No one in civvy street cares about your deployments, or whether you can drive a tank, fire a Milan, call in an airstrike, co ordinate a drone etc. If you send in a CV with a spelling mistake it will be binned. Period.
  12. Not in the Army, are you a crab bored at work then or just a Big Issue spiv you complete mong.
  13. Fixed that for you . ****.
  14. Jeromesausage: Cheers for that, f@@king oxygen thief. Everyone else, genuine thanks.