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Discussion in 'Officers' started by paddi-8764, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the date's of the intakes for sandhurst? I'm aiming for may assuming all goes to plan with my aosb in March. I know it makes no difference but i'd like to know, couldn't see it posted anywhere on here or online.
  2. I believe it's the 3rd of May.
  3. thats roughly what I expected, thanks for the reply.
  4. Lies and propaganda get thrown around alot, but i was told the May intake was already full?
  5. Best bet is to just ring the hurst, they are always willing to help, plus there are always people who bottle out last minute and dont turn in for the course.
  6. They always say that, however it's rarely true. Especially as the place hs been down to running two platoons in some companies.
  7. Really? who told you that? I was planning on the May my ACA seemed to think that was fine last time I was speaking to him, Westbury offered me a place at main board 17th March and said that would be fine for the May intake.
  8. Ring the OCAC. Only way you will get the correct answer
  9. I can officially 100% guarantee that as of today the May intake is not full! Having just booked myself on and all that. The last PCCB is on the 31st of March and the one before that is 3rd of March.
  10. My ACA as i recall, however it's possible he was working off a predicted time for me to get through the admin aswell. Especially since all the published figures say they're slighty below capacity each year?
  11. The intakes are rarely full up to 6 weeks before the term start date.
  12. Get on the phone and speak to the Admissions Secretary in the Commadants office.
    Back in my day (sit down pull up a sand bag) I wanted the Sept in take (always full to the brim) and passed my RCB (AOSB) in the July. Got on the phone, had a chat and hey presto Commissioning Course 993 was me! (Be prepared to send flowers if you get in, that is if it is still the Doris with the big baps, if it is a bloke I would easy off on the flowers.)
  13. Sorry to add May is never full and has been cancelled a few times.
    May is the preserve of the people who couldn't get a job in the six months of leaving Uni and who did not go travelling Enjoy- it has it's own special style.
  14. These types of questions are regularly asked, and regularly answered, on the Arrsepedia, and on the "Regular Officer Recruiting" forum - please use them.

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