Sandhurst, how much?



Can anybody tell me how much money I should be saving up to buy kit/uniform for Sandhurst?  I'm starting in September and somebody said it's in the region of 1000 quid, which if true means I'll have to start selling my organs on the black market, or my car. :-[

Any info is greatly appreciated.


Can't help you with the uniform costs...

More importantly, you need to buy an ironing board and an iron. And a big bottle of spray starch.

Also, men are required to turn up with a pair of flannels (or at least they were expected to do this 7 years ago!). How difficult was it to find flannels? ;) Anyway, I don't know how this equates for girls. But I would suggest you turn up with at least one proper SKIRT-suit, if not two.

The number of people who were ridiculed for being improperly dressed for their arrival was, apparently, quite astonishing.

I'd recommend a bumper pack of pro-plus to keep yourself awake for the first five weeks, too. :)
Don't waste your money on kit, the DS won't let you use anything other than issued kit and small items like shemaghs/scarfs, and even then, not until later in the course.

If I were you, I would invest in:

1 dark suit either black/blue/grey(pref double-breasted and traditional cut)
1 pair light flannels and a blue blazer
1 sports jacket
1 pair brown oxford shoes or chelsea boots
1 pair black oxford shoes
5 good shirts (a la T M Lewins or similar with double cuffs, cut-away style collars, and white or blue (blue checks/patterns ok) only
2 good ties that are not garish

that will cover most eventualities, and you can add to this as you go on to look the part. You will get a uniform allowance to buy your dress uniforms after week 22 when your appointment to your regiment is confirmed, and there will be tailors that visit on at least a fortnightly basis advertising their deals (buy SD and mess kit, get a bespoke blazer/2-piece suit free sort of thing).

Other than that, just get fit, turn up, and do as you are instructed!

Ed: Just looked again and you're a girlie, so take advice above, but replace styles with female equivalent, e.g good pair of court shoes rather than oxfords, but otherwise keep styles conservative!
Trsr suits are fine in most messes (though it might get some odd looks at say the Garrison Mess at Aldershot where the older and senior officers tend to hang out), but RMAS tends to be a bit conservative. Take it with you and when you get a feel for how the DS might react to seeing you in one (or someone else is brave enough to wear it first!) then bring it out.


Ok, well I'm not 100% sure if they would disapprove of a trouser suit, but I'd get a smart skirt / jacket combo anyway.

Aren't blazers issued? I seem to remember everyone being issued with an identical blazer at some point in first term... ?

Dutchbird - hairnets and kirbie grips, or short hair. Bear in mind that for the first five weeks you will have a. no contact with the outside world, b. probably no opportunity to go shopping for essentials, c. no sleep.

Oh, also, remembering the Guns and Roses series from a few years back, don't lean against walls ;) and don't wear jewellery. Start practicing your quick-change tactics too, wonderwoman style!

I'm actually secretly slightly jealous... Good luck. :)
Blazers not issued kit.

There is a team at RMAS to deal with pre-course enquiries. I can get contact details when i'm at my desk in the morning.


War Hero
When did they stop issuing blazers then?   :eek:

You'll be telling they don't have bedblocks, don't wear ammo boots and do sword drill instead of rifle drill next.....
I'd always assumed it was one of those things that were provided whether you wanted/needed it or not and had the ££ deducted from you rather than issued as in handed over and signed for with the expectation you hand it back (alledgedly).

Details as promised:

Officer Candidate Administration Centre
Academy HQ
GU15 4PQ
Yes, blazers ARE issued kit, although not quite sure for the girls.  If you've got the new, shiny catalogue of a joining instruction it will have kit list.  Ignore it.  Most of the stuff on the list is bollocks and your colour sergeant/platoon commander with dictate to you what you need and perhaps with the new cirriculum provide a shopping period down the academy shop for bits and bobs.  (Also Tesco's and M&S is open 24 hrs).  Do take a good iron and board (the CQ's may issue one, but don't count on it), black and dark tan boot polish and a couple of brushes, a 'sylvete' cloth for bulling shoes/boots, wooden coat/trouser hangers and some cleaning items (def. brasso, some joffy cloths, but don't go overboard).  Finally a sense of humour.  Good luck.


Right so in summary I need the following.

· Nothing on the official kit list
· Every bit of cleaning/polishing equipment known to man
· Iron plus board (and starch)
· Conservative clothing, skirts, jackets, blouses, court shoes, etc
· Kirbie grips and hairnets, (or the oh so appealing crew cut!)
· A big box of Pro plus
· Sense of humour

Did I miss anything?

PS. I've already got a pair of issue boots from my OTC days, will I be allowed to use these instead of new ones that they issue?


Just a quick note, see if I can help. I was at Sandhurst last year but got injured, and I am also going back in September. Dont be worried about what to bring just have what is on the list. Last year I panicked about this and that but this time I am only taking the bare minimum. You could spend a forune on kit that will only make things slightly easier. Blazers are issued but you must pay (work that one out!) as in they give you one and then take it out with your mess bill. An iron is a must, and a board very helpful, there will always be a chump or two who dont bring one and then you have to start sharing, and remember at the factory you go to bed when everyones kit is done, so there is no benefit in being finished at 10pm if the chap next door is still going at 2am. All else I can say is relax, the only time they look at your clothes is on Chapel parade and even then its only a bit of banter, like calling the guy in the shiny suit the mobster, and the guy in the tailored suit the toff. Have fun and I might see you there in September!
Blazers are issued but you must pay (work that one out!) as in they give you one and then take it out with your mess bill
Told ya! neener neener!
She's trying to pass Sandhurst, not shag it!  ::)


I heard something about that, wasn't "How to end your carreer (before it starts) in 4 easy steps"

1.Flirt with PTI
2.Sh*g PTI
3.Get caught with PTI
4.Admit to Sh*gging PTI

F'in about like that gives us girls a bad name!


when I was at Sandhurst pretty much all the girls got to stage 1, a couple reached stage 2. They managed to avoid stage 3 and even they wouldn't have been stupid enough to do stage 4. It would seem a very good idea to avoid any of the stages because they just brought the entire image of the girls platoon down.


Did you put this to your bloke?  Maybe he could have joined in... and hey presto we have the makings of a very dodgy video! (see the Pornucopia thread in the NAAFI!)


Well, on a serious note.  

Does anybody know where I can get hold of the Guns and Roses series that was done a couple of years ago.  I'd really like to watch it again before I start Sandhurst.


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