Sandhurst - for a northerner?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Monserrat, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. In honestly, how do northerners get through RMAS? Are they stereotyped as being a bit rough? stupid? etc. Are there many Northerners at all?
  2. You're kidding, right?
  3. Whats with the Americanism - If you are American I apologise - if not - are you ashamed to use standard English?
    'Your 'affin a 'laff' would be closer to 'Er Maj's English.
  4. Northerners and RMAS. Yeah why not? I'm a brummie (Classed as the thickest accent in the UK!) and i hope to be there soon. Its not the packaging but the determination and qualities that get you through. All these silver spooned, home counties accented, rich kids cruise through on that. At least we have the qualities required and the experience of the real army on our side!
  5. I don't think accent (or do you mean class?) is really the issue. The issue is the ability to communicate and thereby lead effectively. The received English pronunciation is intended to ensure that all of your boys and girls can understand you. Sadly there is still no Babel fish on G1098 so officers from "sheltered" backgrounds still get an "accent-shock" on being posted to regiments recruting from such heartlands of dialect as L'pool or Neecassel! In my case luckily I had spent three years at Durham, training as an interpreter with 101 Fd Regt, before I found myself in a hotbed of Geordies on commissioning.
  6. Is this a wah? They get through in exactly the same way as anyone else.

    Although the tin bath strapped to the back does tend to hinder one on operations.
  7. Not if you are a filthy scouser.....then no one can understand what you are bleating on about and everone in the mess checks their wallet whenever you leave the room. :roll:
  8. Thats hardly an Americanism. Admittedly, I do move in very cosmopolitan circles, and many of my contacts are septics, but you understood what I meant, and that after all, is the purpose of communication.
    Your "Wooster and Jeeves" image of the officer corps is slightly dated, we no longer have batmen or Webleys, and regional or class origins are of no consequence, ability is all.
  9. The same way as everyone else.

    Only if they are a bit rough and/or stupid.

    Plenty up North, I believe.
  10. All good officers should mourn the loss of the Webley. I knew several officers who should have 'done the decent thing' and retired to a room with a bottle of scotch and the Mess Webley. But they didn't. Instead the buggers got promoted. :(

    Also some Messes have the civilian staff do the ironing of clothes and polish boots overnight. At 4RA this service was written into the contract as well, but one of the redoubtable ladies said that if we hung out our clothes expecting this she would melt the trousers with the iron and put drawing pins in the boots :) Not surprising considering a. All serving members should be able to admin themselves in camp and b. The mess staff were paid a pittance and worked damn hard already.
  11. I coudnt agree more Dread, but then I'm quite old fashioned, and would welcome the return of duelling, with sword, not pistol. Perhaps not to the death, but first blood certainly. :wink:
  12. I'm sure a subtle northern accent is better then a full blown dorset accent. :(
  13. Do you not mean a Somerset farmers accent???? :lol:
  14. I currently reside in the Mess at Lisburn, where shirts and trousers are ironed daily by the staff, who look after us very well.

    Surely a deserving punishment for anyone who wears trousers made of other than natural fibre?
  15. I presume you don't think the humble apostrophe to be 'standard English'?