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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by flyingwinger, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. I'm outside the UK so I can't watch it on 4oD, and I can't seem to locate it on any of the usual free tv sites, so any other ideas? ;)
  2. there was also guns and roses made in around 1999
  3. This is an excellent documentary, thanks for putting it on here flywinger
  4. Caught that when it first aired, was pretty decent. Though didn't overly hold my interest. I'm assuming it was the one where one of the girls came through the ranks, and they all got "killed" during a practice operation?
  5. Anyone got any other documentaries worth a watch? Royal navy or Army :)
  6. Olympious, check C4 website for one called 'P Company' or similar.

    There is also the Commando series which is fairly recent - follows RM. There is also a RM 'follow the recruit through training' series from a bit before that too, I forget the name.
  7. there is one that is from the 80s, the bbc did about the paras. been watching it on youtube

    heres episode 1 to start you off, with the complete series under the same username
  8. That was a bizzare experience. I hope they do a better job at creating military documentaries these days than 'back when I were't lad'. I wonder if any of those lads stayed in the army longer than a few years? We were pretty sure that they wouldn't last, sadly.
  9. Does anyone have a link to guns and roses?? I was only nine when it aired. From what I hear it was a pretty good series. As a female looking to go to RMAS it would probably be worth watching. Cheers.
  10. Check here:
  11. Sailing - BBC Documentary on HMS Ark Royals last draft 1976.

    As a child I was allowed to stay up late to watch this as I had a Fishead cousin who was serving on her at the time. The first part of this is very funny in "Diamond Lils Showbar" on a run ashore. Jack Tar in a Pompey Bar with Boobs, a Dwarf and smoking indoors and drinking cider. Halcyon days when he had a real fleet.
  12. I knew most of the staff of that platoon but the recruits themselves were known as the "Hollywood platoon" and regarded as very sub standard.

    The violence and brutality against the recruits was toned down hugely to make it acceptable for the public to see which is what ruined the platoon.
  13. Yes. By all accounts they got a rough ride when they got to Battalion.

    5 years later there were 2 of the recruits in 2 PARA, and one of the DS dead in NI. Not sure about 1 & 3 PARA at the time.