Sandhurst Cup - a chance to regain glory from the septics

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Good luck to all those OCdts who are off to the US of A in order to regain the Sandhurst cup. I am sure they will do the British Army proud, although I noticed the Septics have changed the stands since I did it to ensure it is more friendly to the home teams. Sure that won't matter.
Have fun and enjoy the RnR
From what I understand the emphasis was taken off the fitness side of things last year. Last year's team was effectively picked on purely fitness levels but the scoring system had been altered by the yanks to allow the majority of points to be one on grenade throwing, falling plate shoot etc. The fitness factor was only an issue if you failed to complete the course in under a certain time. The time allowed was a lot and so most teams managed it. Therefore, despite being the fittest team there we didn't really gain anything from it. Unfortunately, nobody thought to take anyone who could throw a grenade through a doorway because a lot of the able military skills bods were a few seconds slower round the training area. A shame.

That is my understanding. I am no runner though and I find it difficult throwing a tantrum let alone a grenade. But for this year: Go Sandhurst, Spank the Yank!!!
I think that for the sake of sportmanship Sandbags should try to lose a bit more often. It's got so that the only Cup teams that are ever remembered are the ones that lose.
Ooh I feel violated...I was always proud that the sandhurst cup was won by us year in year out...but as you say- at least it went to the canucks.


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