Sandhurst Confidence Course

Discussion in 'Officers' started by mustang101, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light onto what the Sandhurst confidence course is,
    I'm supposed to be doing it and I just had a thought that confidence course could be a euphemism for bloody big assault course!
    If anyone's done it I'd like a heads up please.
  2. Are you sure? I didn't think it was back in use yet after those dreadful accidents? I think they were put down to a lack of confidence on the part of the users rather than the rust and razorwire - apparently they were just a bit unlucky, though of course having such an episode 60ft up and having the double misfortune to be above the kennels at the same time....

    At least I'm told that there will be far more attention paid to signing the correct disclaimers before the use of CS gas in future, and that they are considering dropping blindfolds and water cannon altogether. Yet another part of our cherished heritage gone a bit soft - let's hope it never happens.

    If you're on one of the last 'old style' courses, good luck, and wear clean undercrackers - you never know. It's character-forming, apparently.
  3. Have the confidence to do it without knowing what it is!!
  4. Nothing to it mate.

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  5. Haha, thanks; CS gas eh? I googled it too but didn't get anything usefull.
    That picture on the link looks like a portion of a bloody big assault course; although it might (just might) be fun.
  6. ROFL! I don't think I've laughed so much in a long time :p
  7. It's a toughie. I don't want to scare you, but I got backtermed for refusing to do the final obstacle.

    I'd say more... But the memories are too traumatic...
  8. Its a breeze, and they do throw in a jolly nice lunch upon completion.......

  9. Mustang- you have failed RMAS, a proper officer would get someone else to do it for him.
  10. Just beware the knacker cracker.......

  11. I presume that none of can actually remember doing it, as you all had someone else do it for you!

    So apart from that high wire thing, barbed wire, cs gas, being wounded in the nuts, jumping into a canyon and dining on the lake,
    what else does it contain?

    Doesn't sound too bad so far
  12. Isn't that what the old Row Co course is known as now?
  13. Badoom tish! :)
  14. Sandhurst has a confidence course? That googled link has nought to do with a confidence course, that's info about Juniors. A picture of that high wire bit of the Assault Course is very mis-leading - we don't touch the Assault Course until Inters, and the high wires are rarely used.

    Is it called a confidence course, or is it a PODS course?