Sandhurst company dinner night dress code-HELP!

Discussion in 'Officers' started by suziekettles, May 13, 2012.

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  1. We have been invited to a company dinner night by our offspring in second term at Sandhurst.
    His only info is that "dad will need a tux".....& it is only a few weeks away.
    What should we wear? I'm guessing dinner jacket and ?? bow tie for men. Should ladies wear a floor lenghth dress (panic, I don't have one) party like frock or what?
    All sensible advice much appreciated!
  2. Reggie rugby top, Ron Hills, white stilletoes. Jobbedy job, job jobbed. You'll fit right in.
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  3. Good luck! Relax a bit, you've many years ahead of you. The first rule of life is it's hard to overdress!

    I am misogynistic and don't care for women in the army. Personally, I like you, but stick to the WRAC.
  4. Pater should wear tuxedo with black tie, mater a floor length dress with shoulders covered. HTH
  5. Or alternatively a dinner jacket if he can arrange it...

    Have a great night!
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  6. Long dress, can be hired so don't panic!
  7. Humpf, tongue bitten; balls clamped.
  8. Apart from terminology, just what is the difference between a Tux and black tie/dinner jacket?
  9. Is it not a case that a tuxedo had a shawl collar (and is a filthy American-ism) and a dinner jacket has peaked lapels?
  10. answering a question with a question, isn't there a word for that? (Damn i just answered a question that was answering a question, with a question).
  11. I have to confess, it's because I'm not entirely sure myself!

    I am sure an educated chap will be along shortly to enlighten us.
  12. Not really, A Tuxedo is the American term for a dinner jacket. But whatever they are called they can have a notched, shawl, or peaked lapel. Though I would say a single breasted peaked lapel with crossgrain lapels, black u shaped, waistcoat, braided trim on, trousers, jetted pockets an NO vents lessens the chance of being mistaken for a waiter.

    Black Tie Guide | Introduction: Instructions

    I was a salesman at Mens Wearhouse while I was a student.
  13. To answer the original question: Wear a Dinner Jacket (known as 'Black Tie'). Wear it with a soft fronted Marcella shirt and black self-tied bow tie. Wear some black shoes, highly polished (or, if you're a Nancy or in the Air Force, wear some dreadful patent leather things - yuk.) Ask your son how to polish shoes, or if you're clever, get him to do it for you.

    Have a cracking evening. I remember mine fondly; I invited my Uncle (who is also my God Father). He had been thrown out of Sandhurst 20 odd years earlier for flooding the Indian Army Room.... but that's another story. He was no better behaved after the dinner having turned up with several bottles of whisky in his suitcase saying 'as you know young Queen'sman, I like a nightcap'. Guess what? Yep, the wheel came off. Badly...... but that's another story.
  14. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    please dont worry , they will give you an apron and white jacket when you get there .
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  15. There's no difference. Tuxedo is a filthy American-ism though. Both collar types look good!

    Dinner Jacket & Trousers
    Black Bow Tie
    Dress shirt
    Waist: either waistcoat or cummerbund, or keep it buttoned!
    Well-polished shoes.

    Sorry, never worked it OC's theory was the more leg the better, but RMAS probably has different ideas.