Sandhurst chief says army needs character not university degrees

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chimp, Aug 15, 2017.

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  1. TBH many big organisations struggle to track the added skills of their staff. You get hired for a specific role in the basis of suitability for that role, not what else you bring.

    My first job out was in business development for a global engineering company. The company had immense depth across pretty much any engineering and project management discipline, but reaching across the business to find skills and knowledge was immensely challenging. it takes an HR set up with genuine strategic vision and alignemrnt to business development to make it work. Army "HR" simply isn't structured and manned that way.

    In fact the Army's HR is nowhere near fit to run lateral recruitment. It has no way of measuring and recognising civilian qualifications and experience nor is there any culture or experience of interviewing beyond the recruiting organisation.
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  2. Indeed. Another reason while lateral recruitment will only be a niche solution.

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  3. What's worse is the course debrief from a male nurse on return from a medics course that the DS got things wrong and weren't happy when it got pointed out.
    The skill set in the reserves is diverse and pretty amazing at times. If we could get them teaching more of the courses where these skills are relevant ( medic, cyber etc) we'd be making good use of them and keeping them interested. Appreciate it's not quite so simple, but we could start.
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  4. I've been trying to reconcile why this sort of thing happens for a couple of days since @bob_the_bomb first raised it. i think it is cultural, we may joke that tactics are the opinion of the senior officer present, but he underling culture is thus.
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  5. Very true and added to that is a culture which is going to resist the concept from the outset
  6. There will be a 20% of manpower (about 12,000 soldiers and officers) in this niche :)
  7. It can be done if you can find the the right job, I managed to squeeze in an additional 15 years of 'continuance' beyond my 22 year point, but I was certainly in a minority. Needs to be managed properly though, after 18 years as a warrant officer my enthusiasm for being Orderly Officer was somewhat lacking. Does wonders for your pension though!
  8. In the early 90's the army did all it could to whittle out "characters" and the "grey man" was order of the day.
  9. Options for change was a brutal blunt tool. It did however clear a lot of arm chairs in far flung messes and cut bar bills drastically for the myriad of bizarre G2 roles, the thought of being G2 Brass salvage does make me smile!
  10. Be interesting to see if we are close to getting back to those levels of staff posts given the numbers left in the field army.........
  11. Or the presentation on some item of policy (no memory of what now) that when the presenter tried to 're-interpret' the slide pack that had the TA bloke (and daytime SCS) in the audience chime in with something along the lines of "that is not what the General meant and that why I wrote the slides you are using to say what they do".
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    95% of soldiers are now offered the chance to sign up to an apprenticeship programme. It's the largest apprentice scheme in the UK. The other 5% are already qualified. Try the Army Skills Offer:

    The Army Skills Offer- Career enhancing qualifications - British Army Website

    There's also a trial later this year for more senior ORs to take a degree.
  14. Does that mean that the MoD will be offering courses at Sandhurst for 'Jeremy Kyle Show' contestants.... the dregs of society?