Sandhurst Chaplain bans Creed so as not to offend minorities

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Jorrocks, Feb 1, 2009.

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    I don´t think this has been done before. Apparently, the Chaplain at RMAS wants to be more inclusive, so he´s decided to take the bit about believing in God out of his services. As Simon Heffer said in the Torygraph today, somehow, I feel that the Church of England just doesn´t have its heart in it.

    I´m sure that anyone who wishes to assert his faith would be most welcome to nip accross to Christ the King in Old College where the Nicene Creed is still recited with gusto.
  2. I think a career in the RAF would be more his bag.
  3. Some CofE schools don´t have CofE pupils as pupils .... at least two are 100% muslim. Others have higher ratios of non cofe pupils to COFE pupils.

  4. Err, your average Brit can't exactly throw his arms up in anger or horror really seeings how the act of going to church by most Brits is less common than a chicken with a mouthful of teeth.
  5. This has touches of "Yes Minister" about it.

    This Vicar needs to develop some Balls.

    Oh and I am not a God botherer in any way,shape or form but each to his own.
  6. Or the reading of the Banns, three hits and you're out.
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Why should we "sit down with the man and have a cup of tea"? WTF does that mean?

    RMAS is chosen by foreign nations to send their cadets not because of PC sensibilities of religion. They send them there for a continued excellence of tradition, standards and military education.

    Learning to tolerate and respect others beliefs is part of the education. Why on Earth should any one religion be dumbed down? If I went to a catholic/hindu/Wee Free/ insert what ever other takes your fancy here religious service, I would not expect the service to be changed because I was present.

    I take it "Onward Christian Soldiers" will be removed from service usage too?

    Perhaps Rev "Right On" should Right Off.
  8. just a few institutions to go then. Doing well aren't they.
  9. Why don't the agnostics get told to fall out and do PT? Like what happened in my day.

    Most of them saw the light quicker than St Paul on the road to Damascus. :D

    The little dears can sit there with their fingers crossed if they don't like it. Why dumb it down for those that do.
  10. There is a story told of Trinity College in Dublin in the 50's when attendance at Sunday service was compulsory if you lived in halls. One new student put down his religion as "Sun-worshiper", which passed without comment until his first Sunday morning, when there was a knock on his door at 05.50, and one of the porters called out "The sun will be rising in about 15 minutes Sir. The Deans complements, he expects to see you out on the middle of College Park worshiping it"

    As for this story, I'd have expected an Army padre to have had a bigger pair than that. I mean, what he's just got rid of is his job description!
  11. Agreed there - what a twat.

    Thank God there are Padre's out there who don't give in to the slightest whim of the PC brigade.

    Get a spine you self righteous moron.
  12. Padres are not meant to give a flying feck about what any living person says.

    The last one I spoke to was Ex "Sea-Them" (Navy Type I think) and would quite often float about doing whatever he wanted and carrying certain heavy bits of kit on patrols he decided he wanted to be on. Was alright in my book.

  13. Too late ITC. 'Onward Christian Soldiers' has been banned by the Anglicans down here already. 'Too warlike' I was told by the new Lady Vicar. Mind you, she is a bit of alright so I didn't complain too much.
  14. The Floppies and the Agnostic/Athiest/ones who just want to go back to bed, used to go to the 'Multi Faith room' and eat hot dogs and watch tele, strange as the NAAFI doubled as the multi faith room...
  15. OK - call me sad, but I've done some background reading on the Church of England website.

    According to the Canons (their QR's) then Mr Gough must use authorized versions of services. It seems the default setting for these is the Book of Common Prayer which states, with regards to the Creed in the Communion Service, that

    "The Creed is used on every Sunday and Holy Day and may be used on other days also."

    ie - the Creed has to be used for Sunday Worship where Communion is the main form of worship.

    For other services then I suppose Mr Gough could argue against using it, although I still think he needs to grow a spine and stand up to the PC brigade. I do not think a cleric from another faith would do this, but that is the problem of the Church of England - it gives in too easily to minorities and doesn't stand up for itself. It's OK being inclusive but not when it causes offence to the majority.