Sandhurst Cadets Airlifted to Hospital.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Judge_John, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Four Sandhurst Cadets have been airlifted to Hospital with heat realted injuries.

    More to follow.....
  2. Guess someone forgot to check the heat stress index oops balls will roll for that one!


    P.S Guess the cadets really should not have been wearing those 1900's diving suits for the cross country ex on Barrossa either in retrospect! :)
  3. We've got three there from our unit doing their TA commissioning course - nightmare!!
  4. JJ wrote:

    Four Sandhurst Cadets have been airlifted to Hospital with heat realted injuries.

    Champagne not chilled enough eh?
  5. Too much polo in the sun, and not enough Pimms.
  6. Heat injury isn't a joke, let's hope they're all OK.
  7. The Ministry of Defence said the officer cadets from Sandhurst were wearing full chemical suits.

    They were taking part in an outdoor training exercise in Otterburn, Northumberland, when they were taken ill on Thursday.

    The four were airlifted to Newcastle's General Hospital as a precautionary measure, the MoD confirmed.
  8. Why is it always nice weather when your messing around in NBC gear, typical.
  9. well getting used to the idea of someone finding WMD in the sandpit :)
  10. I'd feel ill if I ever had to go to Otterburn again in this heat. I was unfortunate enough to volunteer (YES) to sleep with my head out of a 2 man bivvy between two other blokes feet, with a cam scarf over my head for protection! @ dawn I had a scarlet/engorged face that took two days to clear up from the mossy bites!
  11. Why is it that the army can choose or find training areas with the wierdest micro climates and the most mozzies known to man this side of the Suez!! Otterburn and Barry Buddon training areas being the worst places, but we were lucky the head shed all told us to get hold of mozzie nets to sleep in to prevent faces being eaten alive by the beasties
  12. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I think i read that it's Ocdt Wales' turn at a week of NBC joy, so think it is probably his intake up there dropping like flies.
  13. I'm finding Otterburn and Heat Stress a strange concept, never been there and its not raining. Should imagine a bit of common sense should have been used by the DS although if you are being pressurised to run an exercise, these things happen. Amazing how its always the one that decides to push on with an exercise that avoids the flak though.