Sandhurst Bombed?!

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Gundulph, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Apo-logies for intruding into the Officers Mess here on ARRSE, I will close the door behind me on my way out shortly...

    Having just read Richard Todd's "Caught in the Act" I read with interest that he was caught in an Air-Raid one evening in WWII and was injured, I have googled for the past hour and cannot find anywhere where there is a mention of Sandhurst being bombed during WWII, is there a plaque in the Academy or photos or a story of the night in question?
  2. Gundulf- welcome to the mess. Don't leave to quickly, maybe a small sherry before you leave?

    Nope never heard of RMAS getting bombed and it is in no history journal that I have read nor have I heard of anything like it.

    However, always happy to be proved wrong as nearly all my SSgts, Recces, Cpls, L/Cpls and Sprs did on a day to day basis!
  3. Nope, found that one, it was a school called Sandhurst... bombed by a real nasty Kraut Barsteward...

    Pantsoff, maybe not a Sherry but as a former Sapper I wouldn't mind a Glass or three of your finest Sandhurst Port before leaving... 8)
  4. Just found this...

    from here...

    Will continue to search!
  5. I vaguely remember being told a bomb fell behind New College where the old Nissan huts were. Don't think it did much damage.
  6. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    They kept Nissans?????

    Perhaps in a Nissen hut?

    Is that my coat? Why thank you. And a taxi too. So kind.
  7. In Richard Todd's 1st Part to his Autobiography (remember he was a young Officer with 7th Para and he was in Plane number 33 during the landings on D-Day, plane number 33 had the Senior Pilot out of the entire flight over so he went in first, Richard Todd was first through the hole so may well have been the first Para to land on D-Day, Howards lot had gone in 30 minutes before but had gone in with Gliders to take Pegasus Bridge by suprise) he was blown clear of the building after having been in one of the corridors, a lucky chappy by all accounts, 5 Officer Cadtes died that night so it's surprising there is nothing to Remember them by in the Academy itself?
  8. I'll have my man arrange it.

    Excuse me Steward.... A port for Mr Gundulf, if you please....
  9. Very Kind of You Pantsoff... Thank your Bat Man from me please there's a good chap... :wink:
  10. Again nothing is there to remember this.
  11. A swift butcher's at the CWGC web-site shows three officer cadets died on the 29 January 1941. coincidentally they were all in Brigade squad and their surnames run M, N, O. could only the guards die in alphabetical order?? :wink:

    A swift Google of 29 January 1941...with air raid and Sandhurst...reveals

    I think my work here is done. The other two cadets were no doubt buried in other UK cemeteries, perhaps near home. They all five are presumably not recorded on the roll of honour (see as they were not yet commissioned?
  12. There is a plaque in the Medals Bar in New College remembering those who died.

  13. Hah! Even the "Interpretation" staff at the IWM Duxford keep falling into that old trap! :roll:
  14. As said - plaque, medals bar, the one right next to NC dining hall.

    I said plaque. Never mentioned the word plague. Honest.