Sandhurst Betrays Heroes of Mons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by twothreeuptwothreedown, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. Would you rather it was the McDonald's Hall or the Budweiser Hall?
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  2. A very poor show and one which, hopefully, will now be binned.
  3. While I can see why people are getting upset about the name change, it's only a sports hall.
  4. Don't see a problem myself.

    How else is RMAS going to get £3million to refurb the hall and a further £15million for other projects like accomodation? Cut the Welfare budget? Cut MPs expenses and perks?
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  5. I do hope that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner makes a big donation so that they rename Sandhurst to 'The Malvinas are ours Military Academy'
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  6. Simply naming it after some middle eastern leader who stumped up the cash, what is the problem? did the Mail complain about Arsenal renaming the rebuilt Highbury?

    Can't say I subscribe to the MP's outrage about its renaming, as far as I recollect not once in all the times that I entered the Mons Hall did I ever give a seconds thought to the fact that it commemorated our glorious dead, all I was interested in was if I could get some kip without being caught by the DS (It was a lecture hall in those days or if it was a gym no one ever called it the Mons Hall Gym).
  7. You raise a good point, I don't recall it ever being referred to as Mons Gym/Sports Hall.
  8. Coming soon - the Sky Broadband Cenotaph, His Majesty the Burger King's Ship Belfast, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Wonga Squadron.

    The golf clubs of Britain will be three-deep in Mail readers dead of apoplexy.
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  9. Doing the country a favour then.
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  10. I'm all for it, without such generous benefactors the Academy would be a pretty ramshackle place. I believe there are other buildings at RMA Sandhurst funded by and named after middle eastern potentates, many of whom attended RMAS or Mons OCS; Hussein, Qaboos, Zayeed, for example, they also sent their sons there, it's a great tradition that benefits all concerned.

    The memory of those graduates of the RMC and RMA Woolwich who fell at Mons will not be diminished though the training and well being of their successors will be enhanced. Perhaps the area in front of the new building can be called Mons Way.
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  11. I remember Woolwich & Churchill halls, but not Mons - and I only left the place 7 years ago. But it's 18 million quid, for effectively doing nothing...

    Or would you prefer this bankrupt nation of ours to cut 18 million from education/health/Kent police to achieve the same?
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  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Is this an article by the same Daily Mail that would have complained about the MOD spending £3 million renovating a sports hall for posh, in bred public schoolboys instead of on our brave boys?
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  13. Well not according to TA maestro MPP anyway - we don't need the bloody things apparently.