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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Panoptes, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Evening gents,

    Just wondering if the BBC were filming a docu about RMAS at the moment. I was there recently and read a notice about it...

    Anyone have any idea whether I'm correct or was just dreaming? If i wasn't imagining things; what is it called and when is it to be aired?

    Any light shone on this would be interesting.

  2. Companies like the bbc make tonnes of documentaries each year but they often dont make it to TV.
  3. Not quite true. If the BBC are actually involved in a documentary the chances are it's actually been commissioned.

    However thanks to the relative cheapness of reasonable cameras in recent years, everybody is a film-maker. Hundreds of would-be Nick Broomfields are running around shooting 'important' films in the hope that the major broadcasters will air their masterpiece.

    Generally speaking they neglect a few crucial details - good sound - insurance- incidental music-structure....and the fact that a 'proper' HD camera will cost you in excess of £20,000 - unless it's shot on something of this quality it won't qualify as BBC standard HD.

    A lot of stuff (in fact most entertainment shows) you see on the BBC is actually made by independent production companies that have pitched ideas and been commissioned to produce shows within strict guidelines and with a BBC employee on board as an executive.

    As it happens a production company commissioned by Channel 4 were making a documentary at Sandhurst: about young women getting commissioned (did you see what I did there?) and heading to Afghanistan. I forget which indie it was now however it's already been broadcast. It's cropped up on ARRSE before:

    There was another film crew at Sandhurst doing something about a management training programme there too -or it might have been Staff College. So maybe it was them you saw wandering about.
  4. I didn't see blokes wandering around. On our platoon desk there was a notice explaining the BBC were doing a documentary about the CC and following instructors and cadets during their time at the academy. I could be mistaken thought but the notice was more of an "if you object to being filmed let the staff know" sort of thing...

    In any case thanks for the replies and further illumination would be interesting.


  5. Further illumination -

    The documentary 'Soldier Girls -Road to Afghanistan, was produced by Keo Films.

    This was probably the thing being filmed that you were warned about.

    It seems as though a number of TV production companies were knocking at Sandhurst's door probably due, in part, to the Princes' time there. The Commandant at the time summoned the MoD's top five indies (production companies that had worked with the MoD before) to Sandhurst to pitch to a room full senior officers and civil servants.

    Keo Films had recently done an Everest series using a number of military folk, including 'THEM', AAC and RMAC - so they asked these individuals to use their video phones to send in messages of support. These guys all gave the message that Keo films could be trusted and so Sandhurst gave the thumbs up. Keo then ran the risk of using a 'film student' to follow the Officer cadets around.

    Once access was granted Channel 4 asked Keo if they could make a film for the 'First Cut' strand (series). This was a series devoted to new directors. Keo films agreed and used a young TV wannabe still at film school called Vanessa Stockley(who had already shown an interest in doing something on female Officers) to do the running around and filming. The end result is rather good.
  6. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Feels like 2 years or so since that was aired the first time, if memory serves. It's certainly been repeated at least once.
  7. It was made in 2009 and broadcast the same year.

    Or so I understand.

    Nick Broomfield did a documentary called Soldier Girls too; although his was about gals in the US Army and was shot in 1981....
  8. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Icon films are currently doing a documentary about Sandhurst and following one of the companies through the entire cc. It's due to be aired in 2012 on BBC3.

  9. Ah yes.. you (they) made the Headhunters doc for 4.
  10. Aired in 2012? When did they begin filming?

  11. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    5 weeks ago.
  12. Longer than that they were here for all the PCCBC's as well.
  13. That is the programme I was thinking about. Excellent.


  14. I saw them a lot at the start of term, following the bewildered looking lambs undergoing Weeks 1-5, but not much since. Although keep your eyes peeled on Country File, whenever that airs, as they were filming the Endurance race this week. Any Shirley sharp eyes out there might spot a bit of 'stage-management' in their filming as well, but I'll say no more...
  15. Just to add, they were around a lot during week 1 to 5, but have backed off a bit, and will be back for the more interesting parts of term, ie Ex. Crychans Challenge.

    I'm glad I didn't have them filming me when I was doing my drill test, was intimidating enough as it was!