Sandhurst and rugby league

Discussion in 'Officers' started by murph13, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Could anyone tell me whether RMAS has a rugby league team or not? The only thing I can find about it is this.

  2. If they don't then perhaps they don't know about 2Lt Harrison VC
  3. Murph, i very much doubt they have. there is a friendly being played at RMAS between the AGC and the RAF Regt on the 17th of March but i have never heard of an actual team from RMAS. I think training establishment find it hard to maintain teams due to the high turnover of soldiers. The permenant staff tend to be the ones who make up the team. If you are desperate to play maybe a posting to a unit that does have a Rugby League team is for you. If you require further information please PM me any questions and i will try to find out for you.
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They are letting Northerners into Sandhurst now?

    Whatever next?

  5. It was actually banned? Why?
  6. 'too dangerous' was the answer however the answer is more likely is was it was discouraged by the people in charge of Rugby Union. Not wanting to get into this arguement about league/Union because i am sick of union fans slagging League down, they both have there good and bad points i do however think union has lost the plot of the basics of Rugby of scoring points by scoring tries and many a time i have tried to watch a Union match only to get bored within 5 mins because the ref is constantly blowing his whistle. Another point to consider is there is alot of league players 'poached' by union by the bottomless pit of money they seem to have, its never the other way around. 'Rugby union! where knackered league players go to have a rest'
  7. Ok thanks. It looks like there was a team in the London leagues in 2003/04 - see the comp lists at "url=". Obviously they're keen for officers-in-training to play sport in their 44 weeks at RMAS, so I just want to find out whether rugby league could be the sport of choice.
  8. Before 1994 the situation was the exact opposite.
  9. RMAS had a well-organised RL team relatively recently, but when the WO2 who ran the team left there was no one else with the expertise and interest to coach the team. Funnily enough Jerry isn't interested!
  10. Wasn't Scott Quinnell the first to leave league to go union understanding he could never go back, and went back?
  11. Wa that when he was at Sandhurst?
  12. Scott started in union, went to league then went back to union. Awsome player in both codes back in his day and a pretty nice chap to boot. There is a Rugby League game being played on Wednesday 17th March kick off time it 1430hrs at RMA Sandhurst between the AGC and the RAF Regt.
  13. Yes RL is interesting and not stop-start at all. Moreover it provides nothing but exciting try scoring flowing moves, without resoort to thud and blunder.
    Why RU isn't banned in the armed forces instead I will never comprehend. A pox on RU, it is all about whistles and scrums and boring technical issues, instead of an endless stream of fast blokes running through to score, so fat men in council houses in Wakefield can applaud the finer points of a line-break or not.

    Curse you RU, you ruined rugby!
  14. Nuff said.
  15. how thick is the official RFU rulebook? Telephone directory thick?