Sandhurst and Issued boots

Discussion in 'Officers' started by dirk_digler, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. Is it possible to be granted the use of non issue boots at RMAS?
    The reason I ask is that I suffer horrendously with soft girly feet and issue boots rip me to pieces.

    I've been around before everyone suggests white spirit, zinc oxide, pissing in your boots! etc etc. I even get blisters in my Lowas after the 8mile CFT.
  2. So long as you have the medical evidence that you need to be wearing them then yes you can. However, so long as the course hasnt changed too much (hang on it was 7 years ago), then by memory your feet will have to man the fu*k up! You wont want to be the loser practicing drill round the back of old college in your silver shads!
  3. I hear what you're saying and I fully concure having seen others in a similar position. I am not too sure a dose of manning up is entirely necessary though. Would it be better to struggle on using massive amounts of tape and cut about camp limping like my back door has just been smashed in?
  4. DD

    So what was the outcome of the original "Outer Knee pain?"

    Old Rat
  5. It used to be that as long as you had the chitty, you could get non-issued boots through the QM. The general practice was that you wore issued boots for cutting around in, and the non-issued boots for exercise & any sort of PT involving tabbing, assault courses etc. But make sure you go along armed with all your paperwork. And Fablon your chit! Plenty of DS will make it their business to check.
  6. iliotibial band syndrome! caused by over pronation. yes; when it comes to feet, i am a tard
  7. By the amount of abuse that your feet are going to take I would recommend that you go by trial and error. Some people tried tape (myself included) others went for 2 pairs of socks. Its up to you to see what works. I think your feet will adapt to the amount of sustained impact that they will be taking though.

    Since leaving the factory I have found that it is better for me to spend extra on decent walking socks for when I know that I am going to be tabbing. Bridgedale do some really good ones and they have a sliding scale for the type of wear that they can take. I swear by them and had no dramas in Sennybridge last year before disapearing to the "Stan". 1000 mile ones are really good too.
  8. I'm sure that if you get sufficient mileage in before Sandhurst, wearing nice comfy boots, your feet will toughen up enough to wear the slightly less comfy issue boot, without any dramas.
    Try some Brashers and a weekly 20 miler, plus as much bimbling to the pub/shops as your free time allows. Your feet will toughen up.
  9. It would be in your interest to do all of the following:
    A) break all your issued boots in as much as possible
    B) harden your feet up by tabs, spirit, etc
    C) man up a bit

    BUT, that said, after a few weeks of you being in clip the CSgt will get bored of you dropping out of stuff, and send you to the MO to get a chit for a pair of balls, er sorry, I meant non-issue boots.
  10. I heard a rumour that the QMs at RMAS were out of balls; all cdts were to be expected to bring their own. Especially the girls.
  11. Fairly standard, get some balls, man up etc. I've done basic with issue boots and only recently got non issue boots. This resulted in a 100% change for the better in the sense that I havn't had any problems on the same level as before.

    Right, well I'm off to beg the mrs for my testicles back. I hope she hasn't thrown the key to her trophy cabinet away!
  12. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    If you've had ITB because of over pronation, it might be worth going to see a podiatrist to sort that out with some orthotics.

    I've had ITB twice now (once on a fun trip to Brecon, the other at RMAS) and had to spend a lot of time _not_ taking part in things I wanted to do. And being in a lot of pain. If orthotics can stop the over pronation, then that should help a fair bit.
  13. Branching away from the original topic of this thread, but I have got my nice RMAS Boots. However, I have scuffed them and looking for any tips on cleaning/shining them before I get to Sandbags.

    All advice whether insane or helpful is welcome!
  14. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Black shoe polish and a brush.

  15. I'm at Sandbags at the moment.

    Loads of guys have got Lowas issued via the MRS/QM. Its not a drama as long as you really do have spaker feet.