Sandhurst: A Tradition of Leadership

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Timmypig, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Good morning all

    Have any of you bought "Sandhurst: A Tradition of Leadership"? I can't find it in bookshops in sunny Oz, and there appears to be two editions on Amazon; at least there are two publishing dates, each with a different cover.

    Does anyone know if the editions differ in any significant way? Is it a good read?


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  2. Let me know the outcome of your investigation - I'd be keen for a copy myself!
  3. I'll see if thre is a copy in the Library, and will let you know.

    In exchange for.....

    See below.
  4. Timmypig,

    My copy is the one with the OCdts on the front. I think the image of the AcAdjt was used as a promotional shot for the flier that went out. Go safe with the one of OCdts on it.

    [alternatively the one with the AcAdjt may in fact be a very rare "collector's edition" - who can tell?]
  5. No wah intended - but what's it all about?

    Pictures? Stories of Farquah Hinkingpoop polishing George boots? Tales of woe from Barossa?

    I'll bet there's no record of Lord Rowallan's Finishing School?!
  6. Very much the unmentionable company! A shame really given all the lunacy and larks that happened on RoCo.
  7. It is a history of RMAS with a new perspective: it is filled with anecdotes and reminiscences by old members of staff and ocdts. Lots of photos and covers stuff that you might have forgotten about. It covers eveything, I think - especially as RoCo was suspended a year or so before it was published.
  8. RTFQ


    I'm thinking of writing a book on the subject entitled: "Head Or Gut?" or "Adventures in the Mean Machine"
  9. RTFQ... Do you happen to have an uncropped version of that picture in your signature... Please?
  10. I wonder how senior a RoCo graduate has risen? Given the time frame, there ought to be a few Lieutenant Colonels out there?
  11. The obvious character flaws, weaknesses and propesity for bed wetting (the bad sort) that marked them out for needing the Adventure training package foretold of pish poor service records, drink spilling and jacking. I believe that the highest rank achieved by a RoCo "graduate" is that of 2 I/C Hohne POL stores.

    "Let me tell you how hard it is walking".....

    "I had to change my order of dress"

    "They made me do pull ups!"

    Big up your creche all you want - RCB tells no lies - seperates the men from the jacking bed wetting etc etc you get the drift
  12. An interesting and wholesome view LB. Do I detect bitterness?

    I shall put my hands up to being a RoCo graduate, I know what I went through to get to where I am. I make no bones about it, perhaps I should have done better at RCB.

    However, what I shall say is I know a number of RoCo graduates, all doing terribly well, some sporting nice gongs. I also know a lot of those that went the proper route, civvies I think they are called now. Horses for courses my good man and I think that however you look at it, RoCo did a good job at weeding out those that just were not good enough and shaped those that did really want to be there.

    To bring the thread slightly back on subject, a full colonel was the highest I knew followed by a half colonel who had clearly enjoyed walking up and down hills and spent most of his career being very sneaky with cool kit.

    LB don't be angry just because you didn't get to feel the stag, we all know you wanted to wear a bright red tracksuit around the Academy.
  13. Would not wish to intrude but

    WTF is RoCo???


    'Lord Rowallan's Finishing School?!'

    :? :?


    Pucker gen No Wah.
  14. It's Rowallan Company. I'm non-serving though so can't give any reliable information.

    I gathered it's a post-RCB pre-Sandhurst thing, and/or a Company where people who pick up injuries are sent until they're back up to Sandhurst ability.

    Doubtless someone who has a proper idea of what they're talking about can fill you in on it!