Sandbags query

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. How much does a full sandbag weigh if filled with sand ?

    And no, it's not a wah, it's a serious question
  2. Jacob1650 is the man to ask anything sandbag related.
  3. African or European sandbags?
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  4. English sandbags, and I saw the 50lb limit and assumed that was the max all up weight, pretty sure a full bag of sand isn't that heavy, or is it ?
  5. You never fill one completely or the sand/dirt will fall out, so you fill it about two thirds and fold the end over.
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  6. It weighs more when wet - both the bag and the sand that goes in it.
  7. Is it true that the British Expeditionary Force that was despatched to the Suez in the 1950s took FILLED Sand Bags with them?

    Maybe it is a myth or an apochryphyl story?
  8. Probably true as dirty rag-head sand wasn't up to standard!!!
  9. That depends what you are using it for.

    Piss taking ads, the one at the top says 'fitness singles - meet local runners'.

  11. But does a ton of sand weigh heavier than a ton of feathers????
  12. You appeared to have missed the primary school thread.
  13. That was a det from the Irish Defence Force on UN Peace-watching ops in the Sinai.
  14. How long is that piece of string?