Sandbags pocket money

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Animus, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon,

    In an effort to get as clued up on the realities of pay before I splash out on a loan for a banger and a holiday before going next month. Could a kind soul recount the realities of how much they take home every month?

    This thread has come up with some good info regarding student loans etc. as a grad I can expect to take home around £1400 after tax and student loan.

    The offical line, if I remember correctly is that mess bills are £150 a month, but what does that include and how many hidden extras are there? I know for instance that the issued blazer is added to the mess bill. What would be an average splurge on beer tokens? (term dependent obviously)
  2. It varies; my biggest mess bill has been 150 and that was from ball tickets. I budgeted for £70 and have been about right each month, generally under depending on bar/fort royal spendings. Accom and food is removed from your pay automatically. I take home 1300 - 1500/month depending on JPA..... it's been 1300 for the last few; sometimes more.
  3. That's quite a nice suprise, thanks very much.