Sand! or lack of it!

Just been given a fast ball and i dont have any Engineer type mates to ask. My Regiment is after a load of sand to build some temporary unloading bays. My QM (Tech) then asked me "what is the NSN for sand?". Now in my 22 and half years service so far, i didnt know, or even think that sand had an NSN. So a bit of help from an Engineer type guru please, how do i get hold of some sand without stealing it or driving down to Bournemouth beach to get some. They are not willing to pay for it either. Can i demand it? If so what is the NSN.
No idea regarding NSN, however I am sure if you rock up at a building site in uniform the gaffer would let you have enough to fill the back of a Rover.


Having just spoken to my brother (builder) he said you can feckin do one. (Charming)

Builders merchants sell it by the ton for about £38 inc VAT and can deliver, but as your unit appears to be running on some sort of shite Victorian budget, I'm sure a nicely worded letter or uniform visit could produce a discounted, if not free bargain.

Most Jackson yards have a mountain of loose sand in a corner somewhere, and if you provide a trailer they charge about £12 for a BFO scoop of the stuff.

Those big blue plastic/canvas looking bags you see at building sites (3'x3'x3' ish) hold about a ton and that should be enough for your needs.
Try your nearest MOD range. Even barrack ranges have possibly got enough for an unloading bay. And you'd know it was sand approved for shooting at. Range wardens might be able to sort you out.
Well there is your first problem - QM(T)? This is a building and barrack infrastructure problem - QM(M)!

Get your self down to a builders merchant with dosh from the building & maintainable budget surely.

PS: you checked the Pam for directions of what is adequate? Nearly sure it doesn't have to be sand, how about scoops of SPTA with a layer of sand for the bullshit factor.

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Ask for some phase 2 biffs from Deepcut, and use them as unloading bays.

It's almost a tradition now.
Avoid any beach used as a strafing bombing range by RAF. Kirkcudbright beach has this sole melting quality.
Loving the answers. Asked an Engineer and he said they buy it using the GPC card. i know for a fact my Regiment wont have this and want to get it done dirt cheap. So i reckon a Man truck lined with plastic sheeting will go down to a range near us that is no longer used or down to Bournemouth beach and fill the fecker up. I know also that they are just being put up here and there and probably not built correctly. I feel like people think i am Del Trotter sometimes.
Is your Man truck really a Reliant 3 wheeler then?
Believe it or not, sand has an NSN.

A quick check on one of the many LogIS thingies will tell you it's nil stock though so it's local purchase on GPC (if your GPC has this caveat on it) or indeed a 2CR form to procure it.

Remember it's illegal to take sand from beaches...
Contact a larger supplier. They will only deliver a minimum of 10 or 20 tonnes depending on the size of their lorry but they will be a lot cheaper than your local Wickes or B&Q etc who will want somewhere around £40 per tonne.

You will find them in the telephone book under aggregate suppliers or something like that.
Go to the midlands and clear up some of those sand bags that have been filled for the floods !!.


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Do NOT nick it from a beach, and beach! That will be seen (oh yes it will...) and you'll be in a world of shit, bad publicity, etc.
Do NOT nick it from a beach, and beach! That will be seen (oh yes it will...) and you'll be in a world of shit, bad publicity, etc.
No, No! Do take it from a beach. Your unit are obviously trying to get it all on the cheap! Anyway, beach sand is the Queens sand, it'll still be her's!

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