Sand/Cooling Scarves - Colors?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TankersAngel, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Hey everybody, I didn't know where to put this topic so I simply post it in here.

    We have many Angels that are sewing sand or cooling scarves. For American Soldiers we usually use dusty tans, khakis, greys colors because they are not allowed to use anything else.

    The Sand Scarves are made of 100% knit cotton for comfort and is used to protect our brave soldiers from the elements of the deserts of the Middle East. Designed to keep sand from the nostrils and mouths and when tucked into the shirt, prevent the sand from getting inside the clothing.

    The Cooling Scarves are made out of 100% cotton and helps lowers body temperature by cooling the carotid arteries in the neck - For use around neck or head, which produces an evaporative cooling system. - Filled with non-toxic synthetic crystals, which transforms into a soft cooling gel. - Stays cool 2-3 days, without refrigeration. - Rotate periodically to maximize cooling effect. - Reduces risk of heat stroke.

    So what kind of colors can we use to sew them for British Troops?
    Is it the same or do they have any other restrictions, is anyone out there who can give me some advise on the Colors?
  2. Assuming this is a genuine question:
    A basic sandy colour is best.
    Was this a Wah?
  3. So it's the same as with the Americans? Khaki, Sand, Dust? That'd be great.

    Whats a Wah? :?
  4. TankersAngel,

    You would have been better posting this thread in "The QM's and MT".

    The Naafi bar is for chat and banter, British squaddie banter is probably not what you'll be wanting. I've asked a MOD to move it for you. Look up wah on the arrsepedia.
  5. A 'wah' is too tricky to explain. To answer your question I suggest sand, if it is possible to match the British desert cam pattern that would go down a treat.
  6. Can you do me an underwear variation?

  7. If you are serious on this and active duty and we'd know your size ... well... why do you want an underwear variation?
  8. Well, it's not just the carotid artery that should be kept cool....
  9. Would it work as a thin vest under body armour? Is it flammable?
  10. Okay, peraps we can get the british camo pattern. If not I'll go for sand and hope that they are allowed to wear it.
  11. TankersAngel: On a serious note, I've just looked at your website link and would suggest that you change "Fallen SA Heroes" to "Fallen Soldiers' Angels Heroes."

    "SA" is probably not the best abbreviation to be using in a military context in Germany.
  12. I think I know the things you're on about, great bits of kit, a generic sand/dusty brown colour should be alright, I got hold of mine from the PX, I think, a while ago now, I believe the Aussies sell somthing similar, How long are you planning on making them as the ones available when I was there were a little short.
    A 'skullcap' kinda thing might also be worth looking at to be worn under the Helmet.
  13. I don't know if it would work as a thin vest under the bodyarmour, we never made the vests but this actually is a good idea. We only have the scarves because they work for sure. Every scarf is handmade by an Angel or if an Angel can't sew she/he can get it in the store.

    This is what they usually look like Pictures
  14. They're alot longer than the one I have, therefore probably more effective.

    Good on you, why can't the British public give this kind of support.
  15. Oh, they would give support if it would be easier to get in contact with the British Troops.

    Trust me, we have a lot of British (Scottish) Folks over at SA USA, just because they can't find anything to help their own people they trie to do it through the Americans and that way we had some British Soldiers every now and then.

    We tried to get in contact with British Troops for such a long time, it's nearly impossible, Aussies are even worse.

    We were looking for Organizations but the only thing we could find was this weird penpal dating site...but that is not what we are here for...

    Anyone on active duty who is deployed and needs something like the Cooling Scarves, let us know and we get it out for free. All we need is an APO or BFPO. No rank required.