Sand & Contact Lenses

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by stabaltern, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. :eek: Has anybody got any hints for contact lens wearers on Ops in adverse conditions e.g. Uncle Tony’s Sandbox? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 8O
  2. I had no problems wearing contact lenses for 3 months+ on Saif Sareea. Goggles for sandstorms are useful, and take more solutions than usual so you can give the lenses a really good clean. Clean hands particularly important to avoid sand on lenses during cleaning. Daily disposables are probably best of all.
  3. As I suspected but confirmation is always nice. Cheers
  4. There are a good selection of Refresher drops available in Boots. Found Allergan to be the best choice. Good for refreshing dry eyes and flushing dust/dirt from your eyes, lasts longer than normal solution. Beats wearing the sex-pest issue glasses or damaging your civvies.
  5. I use the lense you leave in for 30 days and on SS 2 in Oman I had no problems while every other lense wearer suffered. Other than that goggles!
  6. I used the 30 day disposable on Telic 1 and had no problems. In my opinion the less you put your fingers in your eyes the better. The other bonus is that you can sleep in them, so you can do stags without having to dick about with your eyes.

    Get some goggles though as the sand storms can be fun
  7. Have 20/20 vision. That helps 4 eyes.
  8. Notwithstanding 30 day disposables which you're supposed to be able to leave in your eyes, be careful.

    Most opticians will advise 14-16 hrs per day 6 1/2 days a week. If you wear lenses too much, your capilliaries in your eyes swell in a bid to get more oxygen (correct me opthamologists?). If left unchecked, they will eventually cause your eyesight to deteriorate (haziness etc).

    I used dailies on TELIC and they were fine, but you do have to make sure your hands are clean. Also go along with the eye drop things, but check they are compatible with soft lenses. And do take some specs, using them when you have down time, it'll giev your eyes a rest.

    Or laser surgery (but don't get caught, we are not allowed to have it yet).
  9. I don't wear them but the recent TV series on parasites highlighted a problem for contact wearers who washed out their lense case with tap water rather than solution. Even though they only used solution on the lenses themselves, the risks of getting tap water near them was pretty grim. More info:

    An former flat-mate of mine used to drop his lenses into a glass of water at night if he was drunk. He had to stop after two girls he brought home (different nights!) drank them in the middle of the night....