San Sebastian Barracks Korbecke

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by over_and_out, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. Any one remember San Seb at Korbecke (Near Soest). I had the misfortune to experience my first posting from 8 Sigs there. I found these pics on Flash Earth the other day and it's changed quite a bit!


    Bottom Camp
  2. Looks nothing like I remember - Wheres the fat RP Sgt waiting at the gate to grip all the P***heads returning from 'the shack'
  3. what his it used for now,i was their ,apart from a tour to salamanca,from 80-84,ah the shack,memories
  4. I was MT troop 78-82. Ex RCT not a bleep I'm afraid. The memories of the Shack, Big Ben, singing the Dambusters song pissed at the dam all come flooding back. Great memories of 3 Div Sigs Regt. I recall units at Salamanca called Taskforce Echo and Charlie, Signals loose in 432's.
    It looks totally different now to how i remember it
  5. i was acc,also not a bleep ,i used to be the chef with echelon,if i recall it was foxtrot at salamanca,and one squadron,yankee and x-ray,echo was at paderborn,i went with them when somebody was on a course,saw taff moran many years ago,he was at a unit that was fed at st omer ,i was on a course.
  6. I drove up there last year while I was in mannheim with the spams. It's a technology park / industrial estate now. MQ's are full of east europeans and rougher than tidworth on a friday night.

    I remember the camp was supposed to be used as a refugee camp but when they inspected it during the handover declared it unfit for human habitation and flattened it.
  7. I was there 90-91 (Oscar Troop, 2 Sqn), with a trip on Op Granby for a few months, and then transferred to 206 at Salamanca just before 3 Div moved to Bulford and brought 206 in to the fold as it were.
  8. o yes! the clap, big ben and the schnelly place near the bowling alley, off there for a scarp on friday nights. was there 88-92 in 1 squadron, fookers put us opposite the naafi. ace place to be after a bop. you think the csa performers have recovered from the ordeals in the naafi yet haha
  9. daz

    daz LE

    Oh great, i can see the start of the CFT route back to Salamanca Bks, fecking things given me flashbacks you bastard :frustrated:
  10. daz

    daz LE

    so block 54 or 47 in Salamanca then?, and did you lose a motor during the rat run between the camps?? (who's fecking stupid idea was it to move the dets upto SS bottom camp, do they know who many cars got wrecked because of that stupid idea?)
  11. i think the forementioned trashing of a wagon was our line 110 parking into some poor boxheads front porch near schmerlecke! co driver also flaked out and wore my d-10 as a neck lace and ladders off roof thru jarmens car windows haha. funny as ****. well worth the 150 squid fine!
  12. I was there at exactly the same period Dinners me old liney mate. Hows the belly? Mooncat, Mcgach, AJ, to name but a few of the naffi bar warriors and thats only because my memory is dazed by too much alcohol!!
  13. who is it???? haha
    my head is still fooked from the shack and the big ben! me and kawa still try to re enact it but at 36 , it isnt the same!
  14. :D ..It's a bit late (but have just become a member), I live in Soest and having also served in San Seb....yes i'm a BLEEEEEEP...I can tell you its going well as an industrial estate.The old rugby field still gets used but only for Baseball by the Garrison Club baseball team. Yes here in Soest there is an International Garrison Club with Brits, Belgians ,Americans, and of course German----ex soldiers. And the Beer still tastes good...Prost
    (Ah yes I forgot to say I was there from 1973 to1978..)
  15. Hey Hammy386 the burning question... is the Big Ben still there ?????