San Francisco. Are all olympic organisers idiots?

Ok, so you are going to stop off with the torch at one US city. Mmmm, which one to choose.... Hey lets pick the San Francisco. No history of civil protest there. What can go wrong?
Ok, granted maybe they were thinking of chinatown, but again these are not exactly the chinese most sympathetic to the regime in China I am thinking.
At least can give us a slight warm feeling for a nanosecond that its not just our lot that should be competing in the special olympics rather than organising the flagship one.
'The Ringer' is a suprisingly good movie by the way. I think I'll just watch that again rather than the farse that will be the olympics
I think they're being backed into a corner on this one, to be fair. Beijing wants the tour to go ahead as planned (as much as possible) even more since the protests started. Essentially, it's a battle of wills between host the nation and the Swampies with IOC et al. caught in the middle.
Agreed. They will do whatever they can to get the torch though even if it means driving over protesters in a tank obviously.
Just observing that if you were to think ahead when you are planning the itinery then San Fransisco is pretty much one of the most politically liberal, hippy filled city going that were always going to kick up a fuss about this.
Better to have picked Dallas or Atlanta or something and nobody would have bothered to show up to protest.
Anyway, not that exciting an observation. Just bored. Nothing to see here, move along.

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