Samsung Z400 - Anyone got one?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rev_Bumjoy, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Just gotten off the blower with O2, as I have had 4 (thats right FOUR) faulty Samsung Z320i's in a row from them. They are offering me a Z400 as a replacement - as a goodwill gesture (generous cnuts) - DESPITE my saying that I categorically do NOT want another Samsung handset.

    Seeing as I may well be stuffed, does anyone have a Samsung Z400, and are they any good? I have a feeling I have just been handed another pile of hot steaming cack.

    All the Z320i's had absolutely shite battery life and I was having to charge the damned things every day. Hence, why, I am reluctant to take another Samsung.

    My contract is up in March, and, needless to say, I think they can say goodbye to my custom and toddle over to Vodafone or Orange. Shame really as I have been with O2 since the late 80's.
  2. Petrol or Diesel?
  3. The Z400 has been discontinued anyway, so they're fobbing you off.

    I've only had one Samsung, a D500 which was fine, but have since returned to Sony Ericsson - current phone is a W850i which is very good. I'd be inclined to ask for either a current model (the Samsung P310 has had good reviews), or stick with insisting on another brand.
  4. Had the 400 for a week, charging it every day and it was tonk!

    I will go along with VB here as I have had a sony Ericsson d750i and now have the v630i both are good phones. The V630i has 3g but is easily deactivated!!!
  5. Have a Samsung Z107, old but does what it says on the tin. No fancy crud. Good phone, basic camera. Batteries are brill.
    Missus has a newer samsung, as does two of the kids. Ive always considered theirs a step backwards. I'd not change to another Samsung now. They just dont seem as robust as my old one is, either build or battery life-wise.

    Ive also got my 'main' phone which is a Sony Ericsson... one of the Cybershot ones. Very good. I downgraded to it from a Sony Ericsson P910 (mainly as it was free on O2 contract and the 910 is huge!) and have been very pleased with it, although it has a tendancy to lock itself out and needs the battery removing now and again to cure this. Apart from that it's been fine. Having a Samsung and a Sony Ericsson together, I'd be more inclined to recommend the Sony Ericsson.

    As for Companies.. I swapped to O2 to get away from Orange... Orange lost my business after 15 years by failing abysmally to honour their contract and terms when we were in Afghan. Long story. No coverage in KDH when they said (swore blind) there was. (There is now as they upgraded the civi comms) The customer service and tech support were truly crud. I'd be more inclined to recommend the Royal Sigs over Orange.
  6. Subtle very subtle :)

    Sony Ericsson everytime, preferably with a smaller screen to extend the battery life.