Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by sc_obvious, Nov 18, 2011.

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  1. I'm out of contract (vodafone) and was looking at upgrading my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S 2. Spoke with the guy at Vodafone and he said that it was due to be discontinued soon. He said a good alternative was the Galaxy S Plus which is pretty much the same phone but with a slightly smaller screen and a faster processor.

    Has anyone got this phone and is it any good?

  2. The Galaxy SII has only just come out, so puzzled by the 'discontinued soon'.

    I love the phone, takes a few days to get used to the size and the thinnes of it, but i's very good, imho.
  3. I've got the Galaxy ACE and it is good - Just internal memory is a bit of a problem with only 180mb, but I have an 8gb SD card and have rooted my phone to shift almost everything apps wise to the SD CARD. i ONLY HAVE 4 APPS ON THE PHONE ITSELF.

    Rooting is the ebst wya to control your phone and if a fool like me can do it, anyone can!
  4. I have the I9000 Galaxy S and am very happy with it. Didn't know you could root it though, must be a popular brand in Oz...
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  5. I have the samsung galaxy s 2 and find it brilliant, never had a problem and prefer it to the wifes iphone. go for it
  6. There's a programme called "Superoneclick" free on the net - you just open the zip file, extract and run the file and it does it all for you through your USB lead! It'll downlaod the "Superuser" app, which is in the hardware. I use titanium app (from app market) - free one just to force the move of all app that I've download to the SD card. I think the only ones I can't move are google maps, market and gmail. I don't pee around with the ROM as then when it can be bricked (hard or soft apperently). They say that it voids the warranty, but on the programme there is a button to "Unroot" it! There's a few videos on youtube to show you how to do it - Best one is by a British guy, as he does the basics and in about 2 minutes! If you use superoneclick, remember to have USB debugging ENABLED. I turned mine off and it wouldn't work.

    Just google "root samsung phone".
  7. +1 for the S2. Samsung have just updated the firmware. As a diehard Apple fan it pains me to say it, but it's better than the iPhone.

    I use Doubletwist to sync music etc. - the Samsung Kies software is crap on a Mac.
  8. I only ever downloaded Kies so the laptop would recognise my phone. Everytime I want to transfer something I just plug it in and open it as a storage (USB wise). You can get back up programmes for call logs, contacts etc and then save those in to file on your computer. The only advantage of Kies is that it (has in the past) automatically attached all the photos back to the contacts again, otherwise I don't use it!