Samsung Galaxy i9000 - anyone got one?


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At long last my HTC Mozart is being replaced due to it basically being a pile of shite.

So, appreciate any comments, tips, good apps and any other good points on the Galaxy i9000.

Thanks for that, it really helps. No, seriously it does.....sighs
I was gutted as I loved the phone, just couldn't cope with it taking an age to open pages and catch up when entering text. Swype is ace and I missed it once I got used to it. What can I say, it is laggy! Loads of people on the samsung forums had the same issues. Have a look on there.


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I'm just trying to give you some sound advice. My mum has a Samsung Iwhatever and it's basically just a shit copy of an iPhone.

But don't worry about it, you be cool, you get a phone that's different, be an individual. I'm just a ******* sheep with my fantastic tried and proven piece of technology.
I believe you have to do some tweaking to use your own music for text alerts, or is that not an issue?
I really couldn't tell you, as I can't be bothered to use anything but the ringtones already installed. It's a good mp3 player, the videos are good quality, the voice to text option works very well (at least it has no problems with my Canuck accent). Every option I have tried out so far has worked as it should, the only complaint I have is that there is no flash for the camera, but I knew that when I choose it, and who uses their cellphone for anything but snaps anyhow.


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Says mr scrap metal himself.

I'd have that running like a Samsung in 15 minutes. And you cannot hold a Series 'wrong', they tend not to burst into flames unless provoked and they do not 'drop the signal' when you drive them under some trees. Best of all, if you want to buy a Series you do not need to queue all night with a bunch of creepy iFans.



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Has anyone ever noticed that iPhone users when listening to their music always have their phone in their hand just so you know that they have an iPhone?
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