Samsung Galaxy Europa Smart Phone GT-15500/black

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by revmodes, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. All singing all dancing, bought as a pressie for H.I. totally blew her grey cells, hence yours for £65 including p+p, was £80 new.

    Android, touch screen etc etc etc, google it on carphone warehouse or similar, taken out of the box, charged and played with for 1 hour, receipt, warranty all acc's.

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  2. I'm still struggling with my Blueberry and my new Samsung Monte. I'm not into the touch screen thing, it scares me, which is why some of the arrsers get phone calls when they least expect it! The lad knows how they work, but he's after an i-phone (he can swivel if he thinks I'm buying it).
  3. i have an htc, qwrtey keyboard, wi-fi,3g, bluetooth , 4 rs old, drop proof, same battery mega camera, a freebee from b.t.

    sod this android/ i pad, i phone touch screen stuff the bloody thing has a mind of it,s own.and yes calls people ,when all i was doing was "looking" at the contact details, one touch to check on a diary entry and ended up on web search for samuel pepys.

    you dont want to buy it then !!!!!
  4. HTC Desire HD.. Better than the i-phone4g, but not as easy to set up or use until you get some practice