Samsung Galaxy Ace android issues

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by ex_donkey_man, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. My phone is starting to drive me nuts! so here's a couple of issues that seem to have arise in the last 2 days -

    1) When I re-boot my phone (or it thinks it'd be a good idea to re-boot itself, does it about once a week) it doesn't want to recognise the apps on the SD card. The phone is rooted and has titanium root thingy on it, so almost all apps that can be are on the card. It sounds like the SD card won't read, but all of my files are still there and I can access them. Over the few the last few days when this has happened, I've turned my phone on and off a few times and usually they come back. today they don't want to.
    Also the media scan it does when it's booted now only lasts about 5 secs, where before it would be about 30-40secs long, allowing to to read everything, but it seems to skim over all apps and ignore them.

    2) This morning I noticed that my internal memory is low. So I thought for once I'd give it a good clean out. I deleted my calls logs (went back to Oct 2011)! and a fair few texts, then when I went in to settings - Applications - all. Now usually it can take a couple of minutes to get them all as I've got about 135 downloaded apps. But as I tried to get in to them to clear the cache and the data, it just said "Computing", so I went to my Cache cleaner app, that scan just stayed on 0/232 and never budged and as a last resort I went in to App2SD as it will show the Apps on the phone and on the memory card. It showed them, but had a 0 underneath every single one, where it would normal say 678kb or 1.34mb for the total space that the app was taking up.

    Can any bugger help me on this one!??
  2. Yeah.........................

    Chuck it in the bin & get yourself a decent phone!:clap:
  3. I managed to get them showing again by turning the phone off, taking out the memory card, turning it on, then re-installing the SD card. Still wonder what the issue is?

    Obviously can't trust a Para to come out with an answer that requires an IQ of over 4!
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  4. An IQ of 4? Officer material that man.

    Perhaps try cleaning the contacts of your SD card? Or get a new one and transfer the data to it.
  5. I think you may find it is the perils of rooting, it is done at users risk, i unlocked a phone a few years ago and used a custom os and it never ran the same again.
  6. Fair point, but some fo the phones, just don't have memory capacity to cope! When apps like FB are 2.34mb and then after 2 weeks it's collected 7mb of data and 4mb in cache!
  7. Oi!......

    I'm not That clever!!!!!:alien:
  8. Must have some cells to rub together, or did it take all 3 of you (don't forget the camera man) to spell the word HAT!

  9. It took all three of us.....One letter each! :rofl:

    Not very good at spelling, but excellent at kicking the shit out of gobby *****!:mrgreen: