Samsung B2710 Solid Immerse Review

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by KleenUpGuy, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. The Solid Immerse (catchy name) is advertised by Samsung as one of the most rugged phones on the market; being waterproof, dustproof and drop resistant whilst containing a variety of features for the outdoor type.

    The first thing that you realise when taking the phone out the box is that it is not going to win you any cool points amongst your iPhone wielding friends, but of course that isn’t the point of this phone. The thick dimensions of this phone and the fact it is relatively lightweight due to the use of mainly rubber and plastic as materials, often makes this phone feel like a TV remote when it is sat in your hand.
    The 240x320 pixel screen is not particularly impressive but of course the larger screens are known to break easier. The rubber coated keypad is easy to use apart from the one criticism of not having a dedicated delete button. The main navigation control is ergonomically considerate and sensitive to use without the feeling of fragility.


    The keys along the side feature and up and down arrow, which controls both volume and zoom depending on the circumstance and a dedicated button for the torch. The small rubber cover that covers the charge and headphone socket is just below this.

    The top features a sturdy indent created a loop for the attaching of ether a loop or lanyard type system and a rather impressive torch. The back reveals the poor quality 2 megapixel camera, which has no flash and also a 160x128 video recorder which is so poor it is pointless. The compartment of the battery, sim card and memory unit is covered with a single piece of plastic with a hefty turning locking mechanism, an aesthetically poor choice put dose the job very well.


    The interface consists of a scrolling menu upon initial start up featuring your selected shortcuts, such as email, SMS and contact list; the screen layout is very clean with ease of use in mind. The user can then access the menu from which they can access every aspect of their phone.

    The phone features many useful applications; it allows the user to access social networking sights using the phone’s inbuilt 3G or using the mobile internet but I found using this type of application drains the battery incredibly fast, if the headphones are connected they can be used as a aerial and allow the phone to pickup FM radio, the inbuilt image editor includes many basic features for editing your photos, the voice recorder is of a very good quality and great for those nights out, the phone also features Bluetooth allowing the sharing of files and the use of most headsets and hands free devices, the inbuilt timer and stop watch are very useful when ether running or timing things such as command tasks, the inbuilt pedometer is not great quality but can be used for very rough distance estimates or a basic step count, I found the compass to be of a good quality but nowhere near a good enough level of accuracy to replace carrying a standard compass.

    I personally have this phone on an Orange contract, only after purchasing the phone did i realise the use of Orange maps comes at a extra fee, of course this is no problem if you have internet access as the Google maps application is compatible with this phone. Whilst using Google maps the phone gave me a rough estimate of my location accurate to 1600 metres, the actual dot was approximately 500 metres from my actual location. The application allows zooming in and out using the 1 and 3 keys whilst along the map to be viewed as ether a hybrid overlay onto of a Google earth image or as what looks like a standard map. You can search the map and get directions just like you are using it on your pc.

    I found the web browser to be incredibly slow at loading any web pages but of course this is not what this phone was designed to be for.

    Whilst on the phone the voice is clear on the speaker and after asking the people I’m talking to they find no problem hearing and understanding me talking even with acceptable levels of background noise.

    The phone claims to be waterproof and dustproof and i confirm whilst submerged in hot water the phone still worked.

    The main problem I have with this phone is it often freezes and requires the battery to be taken out to restart the phone; it normally happens when I am sending a text or using an application and then receive a text. I have sent an email to Samsung and am yet to get a reply.

    I have managed to find the phone for around £100 sim less, I personally have the phone on a £15 a month contract with 50 minutes voice calls, unlimited texts and 250mb internet, which meant the phone handset itself didn’t cost me a thing.

    In conclusion the phone is well suited to the outdoor type and includes many useful applications and features for use out in the field, it may get a few laughs of your mates but can their phone be and their combat pocket without a worry of it getting crunched, smashed or flooded?

  2. I brought this phone from orange pay as you go during Christmas period
    and just in time for an early '48 hour extravaganza" for 75pounds. and luckily with a gift pack mini rubix cube, square playing cards, phone sock, LTD Watch worth 45pounds
    all for 75pounds :money:

    the scrolling shortcut menu is a orange mobile software.
    you can get that removed by 'debranding' the phone
    but I cant find any online websites that will for this phone
    asked a few they replied "not yet".

    other reviewers said battery should last 21days (with the 3G off)
    and 7 hours talk time

    I also have the previous version Samsung B2100
    the B2710 feels more lighter with less rugged feel.
    but with a MUCH better software and looks.

    there are many rugged tests on youtube
    dunking it in a hot soup, towed by a quad, and throwing it off a 4 storey building
    and all survived

    I would recommend any serving personnel this phone.
    im a smart phone hater! after histories of damaging more alot more expensive ones!

    id be happy to answer questions
  3. Do you get the freezing problem? My battery life is fine unless using apps such as facebook, GPS etc. Which use slot of power/internet.
  4. twice. music on, gps is on, 3g on, scrolling music files fast then pressing play....
    "slow phone"?

    de-branding a phone apparently make it noticeably faster... orange networks fault???
    if anyone was intelligent enough to pay 25 pounds more for a sim free B2710
    PLEASE Give Review!!!!(does it freeze?)
  5. It would of costed me more than £25 to get un branded, I got the phone for free on my contract. I can find them between 100 and 150 on the web
  6. I said the Internet was slow not the phone. I have never been using all those things at once why were you?
  7. My battery lasts around 2 days, I do not know how to turn 3G off even when not in use
  8. KleenUpGuy: Do you get the freezing problem?
    (I was answering this question)

    jeez your battery life lasts 2 days?? my battery life last a week with my lifestyle

    to turn 3G off: settings, network, network mode, GSM 900/1800
  9. 2 days of normal use; testing and occasional phone calls.
  10. I also have this phone on Orange. Interested you have been able to use it with Google Maps. The user manual instructions for Google Maps is that it is Games & Apps menu which it clearly isn't. Have spent hours with Orange customer services who have been no help at all. After first of all denied the phone had GPS they have said phone doesn't nescessarily support Google maps and referred me to Samsung. This despite fact that their own website is selling phone on strength of this feature.
  11. the website also says it has WIFI. it doesnt.
  12. I sent the link off google website to my phone, once clicked on it installs, found in games and apps
  13. Sorry if I'm being dense. When you say you sent link to phone, how did you do that -e-mail?
  14. You put phone number in on website - comes by text
  15. Thanks it worked a treat. Pity Orange Customer Services and technical support don't know about that.