Samsung and Acer Laptops

Looking to replace my three year old laptop and just looking for a bit of feedback on the modern Acer and Samsung models if anyone owns either.

I have an Acer at the moment and it has never let me down, case is a bit creaky and the webcam wont work but that's about it after three and a bit years of hard use. So I am tempted to stick with what I know but I have heard good things about the Samsungs. Though never from people who actually own one !!

Not going to go down the Dell or HP route, my company uses them and I am not impressed with either. The Dell's especially are a nightmare for breaking down.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.
I have got a 3 year old Samsung R40 and it has always ticked the boxes for me.

If it ever goes tits up I would hope to replace it with an identical model.

Samsung all the way for me.
I've sworn by Acer for a number of years. Some people feel them to be less than robust but I've never had a problem with any of mine.

If you happen to know anyone in or going to Taiwan they can be up to 40% cheaper there.

brilliant spec and one of the few 1080p full HD laptops available.
I've had both Acer and Samsung - Both very good but after reading the following article I might go back to Acer next:

Acer Article halfway down the page

Gemstones of the silicone set

acer computer

I AM writing to Soldier to offer a public thank you to computer company Acer for the generosity they have shown to my son, who is serving in the REME and has just completed a tour of Afghanistan.

During the deployment a vehicle carrying soldiers’ kit was hit by an IED and among the damaged items was my son’s laptop, which he had only bought six months previously and used as a means of keeping in contact with friends and family at home.

On discovering that the computer was not covered by insurance I contacted various laptop manufacturers to explain what had happened and to enquire whether they could do anything to assist.

Many of those I wrote to did not respond or emailed a reply stating they could not help, but a member of staff from Acer rang me and promised to provide a free replacement if my son’s computer was beyond repair.

A top-of-the-range Acer Aspire Gemstone arrived at my home soon after.

I would like to say a big thank you to Acer for exceeding expectations and helping when they were not obliged to do so. – David Horridge, Chorley, Lancashire.
I've owned several Acers because they're excellent value for money. My current one has been by far and away the best. The last one ate two motherboards and 3 hard disks, all under warranty, but really annoying. My last and all the ones before that all lost screws holding the case together and got creaky. This current one is now a year old and has a tiny bit of play on one side, but as I said is the best Acer I've owned. It was £50 more than my wife's Dell, it's heavier, but the battery lasts longer, it has blueray, the processor is faster, more RAM, dedicated graphics and a larger hard-disk. Samsung look like nice laptops and I too have heard good things about the build quality. To be honest it does depend what you do with your laptop which make to go for - my wife's laptop being lighter is perfect for her and she likes the finish - it's also better built than my Acer. I'm probably going to get her a 6 or 8 cell battery some day so she can get 3-4 hours out of it, but easily last the hour lecture when she plugs in to a projector, but can't be bothered to bring her charger with her.
Personally I have just switched to laptops after years of custom spec PC's, the reason. Cost!

I have an Acer 5935G, great spec (2.2ghz dual core, ATI Radeon HD4570 512mb graphics, 4gb ram, 320gb HHD, Blueray disc player, full HD graphics with HDMI output, backlit screen, bio technology for added security) excellent bit of kit although very price at time of purchase (approx £1k), but I have got to admit, a very classy piece of kit! Only complaint was an issue with windows 7 that I fixed after re-writing some of the file names due to an issue with the system not allowing downloaded programmes etc to be installed.
Thanks for all the replies guys, seems like I cant go wrong with another Acer or a Samsung. Will check out the Toshiba's as well (cheers Albi for the pointer there), my budget is only a max of £600 though so I cant go too flash. I would love to get that Sony Dingerr as all my other kit (TV, Blu Ray etc) is Sony but its a wee bit out of my price range. Many thanks for the feedback though.

Also nice to see Acer's response to the guy who who had his Laptop damaged on Ops, quite impressed with that.

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