Samson CVR(T) A-Frame

Discussion in 'REME' started by California_Tanker, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Greetings.

    So we've got this Samson, and it seems to be in fairly good nick.


    I'd like to see if we can turn this into the musuem 'response vehicle' (i.e. if we take a track out to a show and it breaks down, and transporting the M88, M578 or CHARRV is a bit tricky).

    I am, however, trying to figure out if we're missing an A-Frame for medium/light lifting.

    The first question is, 'does anyone have a manual for this thing?' (electronic, preferably)

    So here's the A-Frame mounted on another vehicle.


    However, buggered if I can actually find an A-Frame on the vehicle we have. What's confusing me is that I'm not sure even where it would be stowed. The only thing that looks right is the towbar on the left hand side, but I am not convinced that should be used for the job, and the frame doesn't look like it would be easy to fold up.

    1) The A-Frame is not part of the standard equipment with the vehicle, we just got it without.
    2) The A-Frame is part of the standard equipment, it was just dismounted at some point, and is lying around the museum barns, or we just never got it with. (Record keeping here was never a priority)
    3) The A-Frame is part of the standard equipment, it is stowed in a position not on the roof, and I'm just utterly blind as I'm clambering around inside the very small interior.

    If 1 or 2, is the A-Frame used by another other vehicle which is still in service that could be found relatively easily/cheaply?

  2. I'll see if I can 'find' a manual for you later.

    As for the locations of the 'A' Frames - only ever seen the towing wishbones in the top picture not a lifting 'A' Frame in your second picture.
  3. The engine/gearbox lifting frame shown on the top in picture 2 is the drawbars that are mounted on the side of picture 1. On top of the vehicle behind the blade there are two eyes that the drawbar ends that would attach to the casualty vehicle are fitted to with pins through them. At the end that would go in the tow hook of the recovery vehicle, the large bolt and nut are removed and the eye replaced with the wheel that is shown (hence the large groove behind the eye). There is a wire rope that is also part of the kit that attaches to both the A frame and the top of the vehicle which holds it in place when in position over the rear of the vehicle. All the components for using the drawbars as a lifting A frame are still in use and provided as part of the vehicle complete equipment schedule.
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  4. Aaah.. Clever. Very clever.

    Is there a designated stowage spot for the wheel/stay cables, or are they in a bag somewhere?

  5. No designated place to stow it as far as I am aware, maybe a Recy Mech might be able to help. Mine always got left back in camp in the canvas water bucket with the rest of the CES that was never used. To use this for lifting, any forwards/backwards or side to side movement at the hook meant moving the Sammy which was a pain. To that end we would pinch a lift from another vehicle as it was much easier and safer.
  6. I noticed that you are missing the drivers warning light cluster mounted on the top of the left hand side/indicator light mount. The tracks are also slack and may come off if turning at speed. Pump them up until you can just get a clenched fist turned sideways in between the top of the track pads and the underside of the sponson plate.
  7. CT will be aware of the joy of this system, it's similar to the M88 boom concept, which is just so much fun.
  8. I strongly doubt this thing will ever again run at anything faster than a walking pace, but part of the reason for looking for the manual is that before we operate it, we'll do the crew-level servicing which I would have thought includes track tension. (Which reminds me, if anyone has manuals for Chieftain Mk5, Mk11, Conqueror, Cent Mk13, Mk5, CHARRV, Saracen, Saladin, Fox, CentARV and the Toad... Actually, anyone have contacts in the Bovvy library?) If the warning light cluster is that important, maybe we can grab it off the Striker or Scorpion, but surely it's just a repeater for head-out driving?

  9. It is a "Head out Repeater", so as a consequnce it lit up like Blackpool Illuminations, not handy at night,driving along it goes off and you end up blind as a Bat!
  10. I'd also check the No1 or 2 left hand side torsion bar as the vehicle seems to sitting down,indicating a possible problem in that area,might be set wrong,weak or broken. With the suspension fully relaxed (track off,vehicle up on stands) the distance from the bottom of the sponson plate to the centre of the road wheel hub should 27" (Imperial not US Inches) +/- 1/4".
    As to the lifting frame,no one I knew ever used it since it was dodgier than a dodgy thing! (Health & Safety would have a heart attack)
  11. Ref my bold:
    Sighting. Wah. Wait, out.
  12. Well spotted!!
  13. Done to remind our Colonial Brethren where they came from!!
  14. Apologies - I should have let it run longer!
  15. Huh. You're right. The #1 does seem to have snapped, the wheel looks to be off the ground. I'll check it out tomorrow (Might also explain the track tension)

    Out of interest, what do you guys call what us yanks term a 'tanker bar'? (Think five-foot long pry-bar, used for general leverage or testing torsion bars by trying to lift the roadwheels)