SAMs over Baghdad

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Red Shrek, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. VIDEO

    While the video quality isn't great, this is part of the HUD / VTR tape taken by Emmitt 'ET' Tullia as he 'dodged' at least six SAMs that had locked onto his aircraft during 'Package Q', the first daylight raid on Baghdad, on 19 January 1991. 'Package Q' was the largest single strike mission of the war, and likely the single largest F-16 strike package ever flown into combat.

    Sadly the Lucky Devils, flying Block 30 F-16C's deployed from Torrejon AB, Spain, lost two aircraft to SAMs that day with both of the pilots, Mike 'Cujo' Roberts flying 87-0228 and Jeff 'Tico' Tice in 87-0257 being captured and held as POW's.

    Another note to this video from Mick Bretz, one of our crew chiefs: "Maj. Emmitt 'ET' Tullia came back squaking code 1. After walking around the jet, he changed it to code 2 (In my mind after what he went through should have been a code 3). His entire Chaff/Flare modules were full!!!!! They never fired off, so all that manuvering was w/out counter measures. Some good flying!!!"

    For more information about the Lucky Devils and the Package Q mission, I invite you to visit the Lucky Devils in the Gulf War at:
    3.7 million pounds of ordinance, 1303 sorties, 42 days, 24 aircraft. The 'Forgotten 1000'.
  2. Some folks might not be able to see the Video cause of the Codec
  3. I can't look at it at Work but will definitely have a butchers when I get home tonight!
  4. Make sure you turn your volume up. It is a very intense video
  5. Is it one I can download Red, might be useful in a lecture or 2, you never know?
  6. With the right software you can save the video to your HD
  7. Some serious pole bending going on there!

    Mutt, strongly recommend you download it.

    I'll bet he went a bit pale when he realised he'd not had the use of his DAS too! Sometimes, basic skills will overcome technology.
  8. I agree. I was astounded that he did all that without Flares and Chaff.
  9. Very emotional, thing must have been compounded by so many targets in the sky for the SAM's. High level Yo yoing that much would make any ordinary person blackout.
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