Sample planning exercises? (not the one of the RCB site :) )

Discussion in 'Officers' started by fods, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. as the subject suggests im am trying to look for some sample planning exercises for my main board visit! i cant seem to find them anywhere. my girlfriend is helping by trying to write some, but there not to the standard of the army ones. and to be honest shes getting bored of writting them, i dont blame her :p

    any same websites? or companies that do them?

    Thanks alot guys!!
  2. Hi Fods,

    I'm also on a bit of a quest to get some planning exercises to do and to date only have managed to get this one:

    I know some people have been given ones by their sponsor that are different to the one on the website so if anyone's scanned theirs in and could email me a copy it'd be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the speedy response and Good idea on suggesting people to either email, link or scan theirs.

    that url you posted doesnt seem to work
    comes out as:


    P.S. i did consider that people could build some and post them on this forum

    what do you lot think?
  4. Another slightly diverted question:

    Is anyone from Kent, whos preparing for main board or even completed main board (around the north of kent - Rochester/maidstone/Strood area)

    probably be worth meeting up and working on this together, its hard motivating my girlfriend to ask me questions about Miles Per Hour or prepare tests about the British Army from that "dinky" little hand book they sell at Westbury :p
  5. Appologies for that it was working last week, I'll keep trying it and if I get any joy I'll let you know
  6. (Being a computer science Grad :p) the reason its not working is because the syntax is wrong. it looks like this forum has tried to shorten it to

    no website would end its domain as "...c" :D

    check the website in your favourites for the full URL (Website address)
  7. fods - i managed to convince a lecturer at uni to write a few planning exercises for me. i don't know if it makes any difference at the main board as i haven't gone yet but its certainly worth the practice. i'll email a couple to you in the next few days as soon as i've scanned them
  8. Should this thread be in here? I am sure there is a dedicated bit for all the potentials.
  9. Great stuff Alex!! be looking forward to it (

    With regarding your comment Choff, i thought the same before posting this, but the search facility on this forum is pants!

    i did spend a good half an hour looking for any potential info..

    if there is one that im missing please feel free to link it here, that would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Hello all, there are 5 Planning Exerciese on the Forms page of the following website. The bottom file is the working sheet which is also useful. These are (as far as I am aware) the only ones released by Westbury into the public forum. Enjoy. They are like gold dust!
  11. Hello, I don't know if you can help me but I'm going to AOSB in the next week/month/year and would like all you serving officers to send me the following:

    ALL the planning exercises
    ALL the solutions for the command tasks
    ALL the answers to the Int tests
    A man to do all the physical elements
    WHAT the interviewer wants to hear
    WHAT the discussion topics will be

    All answers will be well received and would be grateful if you could copy in all of the population of the UK and Commonwealth just in case they want to go to AOSB.

    Alternatively, go there and get on with it, like everyone else had to - the internet wasn't about in my day. This isn't bloody university where they tell you what questions will come up in the exam. Honestly - get a bit of spine, put in some effort and stop bleating for easy answers.

    Sorry. Not having a good day to day so Arrse will have to bear the brunt of my displeasure, as will Pprune (so don't feel too hard done to.).

  12. Well put Harry. I'm not sure how I got through the RCB with only a pre-RCB as prep (mind you at least one of my First/Second Reporting Officers asked the same ;) )

    I feel it is a complete waste of time getting one's other half/schoolmaster/Auntie Mabel to write exercises for one. It is the grilling about the plan that is the difficult bit not the plan itself.

    Just get to AOSB, relax, & be yourself. They're looking for potential not the finished product & all this swotting & prep looks a bit too much like one is a bit earnest & trying to join one of the Corps or the RAF or something ;)