Same Unit Relationship ... Problem???

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by hellnoh2o, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi there, I'm a newbie :D

    I am a LCpl and I have been seeing a SSgt in the same unit for the last 7 months.

    He is not in my direct chain of command; we are in different squadron's so he has no impact on my career what so ever.

    He split from his wife 1.5 years ago and is waiting for his divorce to finalise. Me and his ex-wife have met and she is happy for the 2 of us to have a relationship.

    We do not advertise our relationship so there is not many people who actually know.

    Should our relationship be a problem?

    Am I breaking the Service Test in any way?

    Any help or advice would be great please guys.

  2. One has to ask why you're asking this after of boning the guy for 7 months already??

    Whether it is a problem or not would be entirely dependant on the circumstances, I'm sure your CoC will let you know if they believe it is causing unethical issues.
  3. If all involved parties are happy there really shouldn't be a problem. Are you male or female?
  4. Doesn't the problem lie in the difference in ranks? I've not been in for aaaaages but when I was it was severely frowned on for senior ranks to even socialise with junior ranks and if an other rank was in a relationship with an officer, one of them had to resign (usually the junior).

    I'd carry on keeping quiet about it and try and get posted somewhere else if you want to have an easy life.
  5. We can't make an informed decision without seeing some photos of you 1st. To give wrong advice at this stage would be doing you a be a good girl ;)
  6. Careful, gender has not yet been confirmed
  7. If it were a bloke then there would be none of this "is it ok" malarky.

    It would be more like "check me out lads, I'm smashing some dirty Staffy that I turned from the dark side, and here are the photos from my phone"
  8. There's always the possibility that they're both blokes... modern army and all that.
  9. Well the staffy is a bloke...and if OP was a bloke then you can be damn sure he wouldn't be doing that.

    Although I do think that the OP is a wench.
  10. I think if she lets him give it to her up the grinner we should all give it a resounding YES!
  11. He's a SSgt, been in long enough to realise that any holes a goal :D
  12. is he still actually married? in the eyes of the army if hes only seperated and not divorced then he is still married.

    as for the CoC, if youre in the same unit then youre in the same CoC. my wife and i couldnt be in the same unit because although she is a Capt (QA) ward nurse and i a WO1 who works in the operating theatre and we wouldnt even see each other during the working day, but what happens on exercise? regt duties? deployments?

    are your last three 957?
  13. Female
  14. No
  15. How old are you?