Same sex marriage and child custody

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Robbo_72, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. Started a separate post from the Fathers for Justice post as to not hijack it, This could be an interesting topic.

    I was thinking about this gay marriage thing the other day and how it could relate to fathers seeking custody from mothers and being penalized by the justice system for not being "The mother", as we've seen so much.

    How can a judge differentiate in a custody battle between two women or two men on who the "Mother" is after this gay marriage law comes into effect?

    If a judge was to grant one half of a same sex marriage the "Mother" title to sort out a custody battle , Would he therefore not have to give a heterosexual couple the same balance of justice?
    i.e The men would now have equal rights to being a mother figure and a woman would not automatically be given preference.

    Think about all the sexist rules and PC'ness that would come into play.
    Be interesting to see how that works out in the future, Could be a game changer for those men who are dealing with those horrible "snakes with tits" ex's.
    If there is any fruit to bare from this, I can see the ECHR and the likes and would have a field day with it.


    Oh and....It's not the NAAAFI :thumleft:
  2. There will be plenty of legal aid on offer to pay those inflated lawyers bills whilst they sort it out..

    As I understand it full adoption rights are not yet available in the UK.

    In the US is is thus..

    The Basics to Gay Adoption for Gay and Lesbian Couples

    This implies one parent takes precedence over another. Of course until we see the UK statute we don't know how it will pan out.
  3. Its all a total fcukup , Kind of on subject , I dont believe in same sex adoption , it will screw up a normal kid for life .
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  4. Why should a loving home with two caring parents who happen to be of the same gender be a worse environment than the all-too-common dysfunctional home of a traditional married couple undergoing a bitter divorce?
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  5. Can't see a problem take alternate weeks or weekends.
  6. Haven't you ever met a gay couple? It's not usually too hard to distinguish Arthur from Martha.

    Example of real life civil partners: can you guess which one's a primary school teacher & which is a Bookmaker? Who'd think is most likely to be Mum?

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  7. What happens when there bullied for having gay parents? Kids that grow up in a traditional household can be bullied for no reason..

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  8. The one on the left needs a lot more black tape
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  9. They either man up or they don't. A (bit) like fat, skinny, spotty, mixed race or ginga kids really.
  10. Yeah but what happens if the suicide rates shoot up with kids with gay parents!! They didn't asked to be taking in to a gay couples custody..

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  11. There you go, knock yourself out.

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  12. I'm pretty good friends with a guy who has same sex parents, he was bullied at school about it, he's now one of the hardest guys I know but also nice as **** and has a lot of compassion and understanding of other people.

    Personally I believe gay/lesbian couples deserve the same rights as anyone else.
  13. Catch yourself on, feller. I didn't ask to be born to an irish cat'o'lick and an english protestant. Lifes lottery, noboby gets to choose their own ticket in advance.
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  14. Do you have any evidence to suggest they would. Gay people have had children before.
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  15. I will post few facts, and you decide what is going on under the guise of "democratic freedoms" and "equality" and why.

    1. Western media and officialdom go to great pains to present homosexuality as either "genetic" issue or "freedom of choice" and therefore as much of a norm as anything. Contrary opinions of geneticists and psychologists are either suppressed or ignored.

    2. US announced the spread of homosexuality and other "alternative norms" its priority mission; and spends millions of dollars on training "alternative" activists for work abroad.

    3. Push for the so called "rights" of homosexuals in spheres of marriage and family coupled with system of Juvenile Justice destroys traditional values of Western societies and destroys the institution of family.

    4. Some Western countries started tenders for adoption of children taken from traditional families on flimsiest of pretexts; same sex couples are encouraged to adopt despite the fact that there is no comprehensive research into the effects of being brought up by same sex "parents" on child's psychology. Also there is no strict control to ensure that homosexual couples adopting children are not paedophiles.

    5. Some Western countries organise gay pride parades for kindergarten and school age children.

    6. In schools lessons on sexual health are used to promote homosexuality and other alternative sexual orientations.

    7. This year LGBT initiated EU discussion on recognising incest as a "free choice" and a norm. Sweden introduces learning about incest into school curriculum as part of Swedish traditions.

    8. Few years ago Dutch paedophiles were allowed to form a political party "The Party for Neighbourly Love, Freedom, and Diversity". It existed until 2010 and was resurrected as a public organisation Vereniging MARTIJN. In 2007 it's founding father Marthijn Uittenbogaard (homosexual paedophile) outlined the aim of his creation: "We will prove to society that sex has no age limit. We will use legal means to make it possible to engage in sexual activity with kids of all ages, even with infants.

    We will remove all taboos and prohibitions.

    It all begins with provocations. First -- shock, scandal, all are terrified. And six months later it is not a scandal any more. Remember how the gay movement began. Fifty years ago, gays were expelled from their jobs for sexual orientation. And now the society punishes those who stand in their way. Gay marriage and adoption of children - it's just the beginning.

    Pedophiles will save the world sick with sexual frustration.

    It may take ten or twenty years, but the victory will be ours! "

    9. Sex with animals is legal in US, last year it was accepted by US military. And already many Western states, including US and Canada, intensified propaganda grooming of Western societies into accepting paedophilia as yet another "sexual orientation".

    As Marthijn Uittenbogaard put it, "Gay marriage and adoption of children - it's just the beginning".