same old.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rarden_reaper, Jul 23, 2009.

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  3. Like I said...I'm envisaging you as a comic book shop guy type from the simpsons...ACF instructor...XXL combat trousers splitting at the seams....Belt festooned with a number of multitools and knives...Bookshelves at home laden with books on military history.

    When alone (99% of your life) You like to dress in full SAS CRW regalia and pose in the mirror brandishing an airsoft browning

    You probably work in some low level IT/ council admin job, which allows you to monitor and post on this site, your only contact with actual serving or past serving members of the army, 24/7, despite claims that you currently serve in an active combat unit....

    You find it hard to bring yourself to get out of bed in the morning...fighting overwhelming depression...wondering what might have been if you'd only had the balls to sign up for the army before you became too fat....Thinking perhaps would it be better just to end it all with the bottle of asprin in the kitchen cupboard?
  4. Whilst Falsch has no need to defend himself, i must say Rarden you are proving why the 9/12th are the biggest load of shite in the Army
  5. That sums you up. You have done nothing to gob off about so write shite. You are a non entity. 18 year old blokes who post here have more sway then you. You have achieved nothing unlike many currently serving. :wink:
  6. Every now & then, we have a total knob on here, posting crap.

    Right now Rarden_Raper, it's you!

    The 18 year olds that are asking silly questions, are more interesting than you.

    So do everyone a good turn & do one!

    You know nothing about this subject, because you are a fat conventional ground trooper.

    Grab yourself a nice double cheeseburger, that'll cheer you up!
  7. rarden - your a c*ck

    whats your problem?

    Did you attempt ABF and fail? seen a few posts over the weeks where you para bash

    Not enough colour in your life -maroon?
  8. or has it been the case where there has been some colour in your wife?