Same Job Titles...Confused! HELP?

The job im currently down for is 'Information Systems Engineer' in the Royal Signals

although i have all the job briefs from my careers office with this title clearly printed at the top of the page, on the internet (including official Army website) the only job description remotely similar to this is the 'Communication Systems Engineer' although there is some differences, particularly in Phase 2 length and responsibilities

are these ultimately the same jobs?
or am i under false illusions as to what i am doing in phase 2, as of now?

Hi kyleavfc,

The Info Sys Eng role has now been combined with what was Sys Eng Tech to form the new trade of Comm Sys Eng, which you will now train as. It's heavily based upon the IS role, but with parts of the SET role combined i.e. communications repair and maintenance, etc.

I was originally down for the SET role, but will now (hopefully) be trained as a CSEng.

It's effectively the same role, so no worries.

When are you set to start phase 1?
thanks for that mate, so the only difference is 36 weeks Phase 2 as opposed to 23 weeks :)

and i go AFC Harrogate on 7th September (13 days :D)

as you have experience in that field mate, is it worth it?
in terms of: money? travel? after the Army? qualifications? mates?

Yes, that's the reason for the lengthier phase 2.

I'm not 100% sure on what it's like in the Army, but being a Sys Eng on the outside, I can say its got everything you could want from a career - travel, money and friends, just lacks everything else the Army offers, like travel abroad, challenges, sports, adventure training, etc.

I'd certainly say it's by far one of the best trades to have if you want a well paid job in civi street. The qualifications are reasonable, though I'd advise maybe gaining a few IT certifications before leaving the service to ensure you have the best chances of securing a good role. IT is a ever growing and evolving industry, so you'll always be in demand, both on the inside and outside.
yeah thats true, i will just do everything i can within the army :)

so while a Communication Systems Engineer within the Army i will travel abroad?
and is there a chance my permanent unit will be abroad?
There are posting opportunities all over the UK and Europe with lots of opportunities to go on Ops. When you have finished your phase 2 trade training you will have the chance to put in for a posting and subject to availability or caveats (time served rank etc) you will get what you ask for usually.

Good luck
Comms Sys Engr is a great new trade Kyle. Don't you worry, you'll most definitely go to foreign climes, as your skills will be heavily in demand.

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