Same Bloke?


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There's a disappointing lack of SAS berets, blazers and racks of medals.
Amazing what you can buy from Johns Army Surplus & kit yourself out as ex SAS/RE/REME or ACF*

* other regiments or corps are available
Well is it the same bloke or similar with the same glasses?
Same specs, same down at mouth look of disappointment at being a sad twat.
In my opinion, having studied the video and both photographs under a microscope, I have concluded that it may very well be the same bloke. But it may not be.


It's alway odd this sort of thing... The sad b'stards tart themselves up with hero-bling in the hope they'll get noticed, and then spend the day crapping themselves in case they get noticed.
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Is this the same ‘brave’ WM hunters club that went after and hounded a teenage kid who was into airsoft recently?

Pathetic twats.


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If it is Norman Mc that is being discussed, he is a genuine ex squaddie. Campaigns strongly on Justice for N.I Veterans. Ex RGJ, and admittedly, if you are going to walt, then the black mafia is highly desirable.

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