Samantha Fox BAOR morale visit.

Jo Guest, she was lovely at the time:
....especially when you discovered she wasn't just a soft focus pretty Page 3 girl and could be found on some... ahem.... more intimate training manuals of the hardcore variety....
I used to go to the Sun xmas parties, all ways full of B list clebs and page 3 girls, Sam Fox and Maria Whitaker were short but with outstanding mammories, you could off rested your beer them, all the girls were friendly apart from Kathy Lloyd, she was just miserable.

Interesting fact both Sam Fox and Cherrie Blair were screwed over by Peter Foster, con artist and general twat, now you can see why a page 3 girl may fall for his bollox, but a so called barrister, a bit suspect.
A pensionable gentleman who works for me went out with Kathy Lloyd just before she got famous.
Apparently a lovely lass until fame got a grip of her. I suspect she paid quite a heavy price for getting famous to be honest.


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Jo Guest was utterly stunning. She was able to bend her back in a way that she could put her arse right up in the air.
She contracted some mystery illness that totally fucked her over and still affects her to this day. Shame.
We had a visit from one of the lesser known girls in Boz in 97. Blonde girl, nice lass. Jo something.
If I'm honest, none of us had ever heard of her.
Oh, and Jim Davidson at Shaiba. Actually hilarious. Not as good looking as Katherine Jenkins though.
Jo Guest, she was lovely at the time:

And then you realize it was 25 years ago

And this was taken 10 years ago, no idea what she looks like now!
I think the girl who visited us in Boz was called Jo Wild.
The name just came into my head, I've got no idea why.


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Jo Guest was utterly stunning. She was able to bend her back in a way that she could put her arse right up in the air.
She contracted some mystery illness that totally fucked her over and still affects her to this day. Shame.
You mean like this?



Do any BAOR Cold Warriors remember a welfare visit from Sam Fox, as she appeared in West Germany's favourite Christmas pop extravaganza

No I must have been gone by then, but some idiot paid her to turn up to the local beer festival, held annually in Lasko, Slovenia where I was living until recently. Fortunately I deliberately missed her 'performance', which was just as well because the locals, that I knew, also thought she was thoroughly shite, or in their words Sranje. However, I was made up later when Level 42 appeared, brought back a few 80's memories. I preferred dark haired birds myself, primarily Linda Lusardi and then there was that other, large hootered Italian bint, Sabrina Salerno that had some sort of 'song'. Boys if I remember correctly, around the same time. I think they were some sort of rivals for the honour of the act with the largest honkers ?


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Sam Foxs' sister got a job in my office (the manager was hoping to get an old pair of Sams knickers from her. )

The role was taking telephone orders for fabric from clothes manufacturers , these fabrics came with a variety and multitude of odd names . no pink red or green here oh no .

The lass was 18 ish and we sat down when she started and asked her what she did before coming to us .

" I worked for mi dad"
" ho yus , what did that involve then ? "

When people cam to meetings it was mi job to say ( in a very slow and comical voice ) Whould yew like tea hor would yew like Coffee ? and wood hyew like Sugar an or milk wiv that please fank yew very much" .

Thus eqquipted for a life in the mercantile hustle and bustle she was given a desk a pad an a phone .
Day two she asked

" izzit alwright if I take mi lunch at mi desk as I' m too knackered to go out " oh yes said the fawning manager no problem at all.
So come the appointed hour whilst the office is still buzzing she takes her lunch ,

Placing her short skirted long legs firmly on the desk , she lights up a fag then dives into her bag and opens up a can of Stellar Artwoise that well known exotic libation best suited for the business luncheon.

WE jolly chaps enjoyed the spectacle whilst the young ladies are somewhat flummoxed. But after all it was her lunch break .

She was a really lovely person in herself but had been let down by her parents.

A few weeks later she was on the phone to an irate customer who hadn't received the fabric they needed and were going ballistic we all stopped when we heard

" MINK, Mink ! how would hi know wot mink it woz ? It could have bin the mink between me legs for all hi Know ! "

Ah bless her, unfortunately she left before we could make a book of her exploits .

Mink by the way for your education was a greyish brown colour .

It was mi pleasure to name a fabic colour " Spanner Grey " because I was allways putting a spanner in the works . ho happy daze.

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