Sam Tomkins

I've been massively impressed with the lad this season and he's by far the best naturally talented rugby player we have in either code at the moment. To say that he was thrown in at the deep end yesterday is an understatement. To be playing your first ever RU game against Australia at Twickenham is huge. He says that when he joined up for training, he didn't even know what the numbers on the shorts meant. To play as well as he did, score a try and should have had another is a massive compliment to Sam.

I suppose the snobs might feel otherwise, but Wigan have a tradition of producing great players. Jason Robinson and Chris Ashton have both shone in RU. I think Sam will be the next.
He could of tucked away a couple more tries yesterday if some supposedly "big name" players could execute a basic 3 yard pass....

Any man who can score a try whilst actually unconcious is ok in my books! Theres no doubt that Sam Tomkins is exciting to watch and it would be a massive loss to the RL world if he decided to switch codes. I was under the impression that he had recently just signed a long term deal to remain at Wigan for a large fee? If he has yet to put pen to paper (Im sure he has though) then you would expect some of the larger Union sides to be laying down offers that RL sides just can't compete with to get him to cross codes.
Sam has signed a 5 year contract at Wigan making him the highest paid player in British Rugby League. The contract also bars him from speaking to any team of either code for the next three years. I would say at the moment that it is more likely he will play in the Australian NRL when his contract is up where wages comfortably match anything English RU can offer.
I'm not so sure.

You don't think this game wasn't a shop window?
I doubt it. If Sam wanted to play Union now he would have gone with his brother Joel to Saracens before he signed his new contract. By playing in the 4 Nations the Aussies will have seen that he is nearly a full back as good as Billy Slater. No British RL back has ever succeeded in the NRL and I think that Sam will be the first, probably playing for Russell Crowe's South Sydney under the ex-Wigan coach Michael Maguire. But not for 3 years at least.
I'm a bit out of touch with NRL, but when I was there, the Rabbitohs were crap. Mind you, they'd only just been let back in the league. I seem to recall that their ground was a dump too.
They've not been great for a while it's true but they do have some terrific players (if they are fit) - Greg Inglis and Sam Burgess particularly.
Michael Maguire worked wonders coaching Wigan. Most of us fans thought he was nuts when put Sam Tomkins to full back but it has really paid off.
I expect him to do very well for the Bunnies, especially bringing in players like Matt King from Warrington.

Not sure about their ground being crap though - ANZ Stadium, formerly the Telstra Stadium!
If I was a Wigan fan it's the link with Sarries I would be concerned with. He showed enough on Saturday to suggest he may have a few offers this season. Do you think if a team can add to their gate receipts and standing that they would worry about the money?

As for backs not making it in the NRL, Jonathan Davies went down under to two clubs and he wouldn't have got the second contract if he wasn't good enough. That said, Tomkins is similar to Davies in terms of being elusive.
Offers or not, the contract specifically bars him (or his agent Andy Clarke) from speaking to any other club for the first 3 years of his 5 year contract.
Wigan have neither need nor desire to sell.
I'd be amazed if Saracens didn't try to get him at the same time as Joel but obviously he wasn't interested.
The NRL, especially now that their salary cap has been raised, could comfortably offer him more than Rugby Union - after all, players moving to Super Rugby are a rarity these days. Even Sonny Bill went via France
With regard to Davies, it's true he played successfully down under but they were short spells of no more than half a season. Ellery Hanley did the same.
In the Super League era of summer rugby the only British players to make an impact down under playing a full season have been forwards such as Adrian Morley or Gareth Ellis.
Funny how there is going to a cross code game between Wigan and Saracens. Anything to do with a certain Mr Farrell?
Not just a cross code game but a full on partnership supposedly to exchange players for training and matches.
The majority of Wigan fans can see no positives for us in this 'partnership' with Saracens but have a lot of trust in our owner.
Common sense says that cross-code training and player exchanges will only really benefit Saracens and to be honest who can blame them when some of the best young RU stars (Owen Farrell, George Ford, Chris Ashton) learned the basics playing junior RL in Wigan.
Should Sarries start to leech players from Wigan's Academy, bearing in mind that Sale have already taken Iain Thornley from there, then I can safely say that Andy wouldn't be flavour of the month in his home town.
He didn't get much quality ball in the bits I saw - what he did get he looked pretty sharp.

Does seem strange to come out and play for the baa-baas if he doesn't have a desire to go to union at some point. Then again, the contract he has with Wigan seems tight.

Where abouts would he play once he had a few games in union - be nice to think we had decent prospect at inside centre.
Was there a gap that maybe should have been filled by someone else like Chris Ashton?. Sam's position is not best on the wing, i feel he is a natural full back and at times on Saturday he looked like he was slipping a bit between the 2. He has played roughly 42 games this year alone which is an awsome effort. Rest time for him now i think. His brother Joel will probably be making the best move to go to Sarries to get out of Sam's shadow just as another Tomkins is now coming up through the ranks at Wigan.
Sam's never a threequarter in a million years, then again very few RL fans see Joel as one either (defensively suspect).
He started out as a half but hasn't got the kicking game for that in RU. Like the man said he's most likely a full back but will need to learn a
different kicking game to the one he has now if he changes codes.
Young Logan Tomkins seems to flatter to decieve. He's got a lot of potential but hasn't been able to make the step up yet - maybe he will next year
when Thomas Leuluai returns to New Zealand freeing up a position at hooker.
It's interesting - and I belioeve it highlights the fact that RL is a better sport to start on, and then RU which is faster paced.

Indeed I cannot wait to follow the progress of this guy.
It's interesting - and I belioeve it highlights the fact that RL is a better sport to start on, and then RU which is faster paced.

Indeed I cannot wait to follow the progress of this guy.
Union faster paced? Are you on drugs?
As a Rugby League match official i feel i need to train to be as fast as the boys on the pitch that i am officiating, i have had a blast at a union game and errr i got bored and drifted off to a happy place. I do like to watch union but my heart is League.
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