Sam Mitchel

Just seen the all new Sam Mitchel on Eastenders,isnt she the Essex munter who ended up having one huge fooking nose hole because of all the sh1t she put up there?
Would you though? would ya,could ya?? :D
cheggarsRE said:
all new??

i do believe she was the first one....
Fella, did you just admit to watching Eastenders? Oh, the joy!!!!!!

You heterotigers do realise there is a documentary about Afghanistan on Ch 4?

Oh, and Cheggers, you are correct, but she is skanking and a smack head.
Dirtyfilthymech said:
Poor Ricky, split between Bianca and that other horrible munter.
(My misses has it on whilst im cleaning)
Good job you've got Ch4+1 then eh?

Does your missus think Becky is going to batter that Slug bloke?
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