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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Blueoffroader400, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. I'm after advice regarding Bulling a Brand New Sam Browne? Any top tips.

    Do's and Dont's. :oops:
  2. Get someone else to do it.
  3. brush polish and clear
  4. Same way as your boots
  5. Don't pick on too much at once - unless you have heffalump feet, there is a lot more area to bull than there is on your boots. Pick a relatively small area and keep to that. Move on when it is up to, what you consider at that time, a reasonable standard.

    The techniques aren't too different to your boots - so use what has always worked best for you - but remember that nearly all bits of the belt are going to flex more than your toecaps or heels (and you don't want to see anything like compressed areas you get at the boot toe crease.) Be very careful with the actual buckle straps - the last thing you need is small bits of cracked bull over your 2s (or 1s).

    Best advice of all - buy one off somebody leaving that has already had years (if not decades) of loving attention.
  6. That last bit is probably how most have achieved it..
  7. there an issued item, so there should be no need to buy one?
  8. Where is The Butler when you need him???????
  9. Step #1 is get the buckle removed and then replaced with a clip.

    Step #2 as opined: Find someone to do it. Guardsmen often do freelance services.
  10. Years and years of lovingly engrained shinyness so noticeably absent from the rough surface of a straight-out-of-the-plastic bag issue item.

    Edited to add - of course, issue could mean the opening of the special cupboard in RHQ and the quality of the issue dependent on how much beer you had bought the RQMS (or RSM, depending) the previous night. In which case, none of this is particularly relevant - turn back time and buy more beer. Nothing to a soldier of your competence. Except - Blue clearly asked for advice on a "Brand New" Sam Browne. And our best advice is in the Irish tradition for directions: "I wouldn't start from here."
  11. Not a good idea to use clear as a belt flexes more than boots and it will crack up.
  12. sorry, should have been a bit clearer there, issued as in meaning anyone getting out should be handing theirs back to the clothing loon, i know ours has quite a few that have already been cut and clips added, always worth checking

    ref the clear comment, shouldnt crack as ther should be no upperbody movement when cutting about in a smart and soldier like manner :D (sorry havent figured out how to double quote :oops: 0
  13. Try putting one together, or once together on, without bending any of the leather though. Unless your leather is ridiculously soft (don't the QDG use pig rather than cow - cavalry types?) even the most mongish subaltern* shouldn't be able to make it flex that much.

    * WOs, even when utterly pished of course, being constitutionally incapable of monging.
  14. I have used Clear (once) at Sandbags. Dreadful stuff. It looks good on the day but is impossible to bull on top of it.
  15. Cut 'N' Paste and ensure one of these [/quote] is at the start and finish of the text :D

    Sorry I know nothing about bull and SB's though!