Sam Browne

OK.. I need some advice...

I have a Sam Browne that needs to look as shiny as a new penny. How do I do this, without it leaving wax on my SD?


(I am very amenable to even the most obvious of suggestions)
Soak it overnight in your manjuice.Works for me all the time.
It won't mark your tunic if you polish it properly. Then when you have achieved a suitably dazzling bull, take a clean duster in one hand and grip the belt from the inside so that you are able to draw its edges past the cloth with the other hand. Repeat as often as necessary to get any stray polish off the edges and do the same with the cross strap.
Do not dream of using Klear unless you enjoy being ridiculed and are content to cough up for a new Sam Brown.

If you have access to a good regimental cobbler (I can recommend the garrison cobbler in JHQ Rheindahlen) – most can do a magic treatment known as soft waxing (I know – sounds like something the wife would do to her legs). It looks the business, lasts years and is truly minimal maintenance.

Otherwise there is no alternative to old fashioned spit and polish. Use Kiwi’s finest dark tan (not Parade Gloss). Beware the nicotine finger!
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