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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Carlyle, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a Sam Browne. I would be happy with a new one or a (good quality) second hand one, but need one with a whistle attached. I'm told that I should also aim to get one with a 'clip' on the waist and curved shoulder strap so that it sits properly. Grateful for any suggestions as I'd rather not pay the £200 odd that rip-offs like Goldings are trying to charge me! Thanks
  2. Do a searcg on eBay. There are plenty of sam brownes going.
  3. Have been looking on e-bay, but haven't come across any with whistles. Any other ideas?
  4. If it's one with a whistle it's not a Sam Browne - it's a Light Div Cross belt.....

    have they told you to get a long weight as well?
  5. No it's not a cross-belt I'm after, it's a Sam Browne (with a whistle)....
  6. Black Watch wear a traditional Sam Browne but with a whistle in a sleeve on the shoulder strap.

    Carlyle, if you say what regt or corps people may be able to help - i.e., correct colour etc.

    Try Silverman's or
  7. Ahem - Ok then - if you are wahhing me I'm going be right fecked off,

    Where on this Sam brown are you attaching this whistle?

    edit - Ahhhhhhh! BW!
  8. I understand it is possible to attach a whistle and sleeve to a Sam Browne relativley easily, rather than buying one with one already attached (if it is possible??) probably worth talking to your RHQ see if they have any cunning ideas on this? When I needed some adjustments on my (2nd hand) Sam Browne I took it to a saddlers, maybe one could attach one for you?

    With regards to a clipped one, regtl tailors did this to mine for a small fee....again, don't know how readily you could buy one...


  9. You night wish to speak to RHQ KRH, they wear whistles too.

    The only reason I'm telling you is to get the information out of my head. Be quiet in there.
  10. This place claims to have them, with an available strap with whistle. I don't know where their Sam Browne is made, could be India. They also list webley holsters, ammunition pouch, sword frog, and second D ring for a second shoulder strap.

    specific page

    They are in the US.
  11. My Regiment is The Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry (probably a new one to most of you)!! I believe our Sam Browne's are the same style as the KRH.

    Thanks for suggestions so far. I will try them but if anyone has any further ideas I'd be grateful if you could let me know.
  12. I got mine from here:

    Splendid chaps, very helpful, if anyone is likely to have your type it would be them.

    Mine is a "standard" one, brand new, MOD, still in the packing £25.00 which I thought was something of a bargain really. Sadly cross strap was not designed with us girlies in mind. Two option choice of crush one or swerve it inbetween.

    Women wearing Sam Browne belts! whatever next!.
  13. I have 2 sam brownes, niether have whistles, Ill sell one to you though, 1 is clipped and unpolished, the other isnt clipped but is bulled to the bollox.
  14. Have you tried getting one issued from the QMs? I know you're TA, but it may still be an option?