Sam Browne - brand new, advice ...?

I have just acquired a new Sam Browne belt and would greatly appreciate any advice as to how to get it to an acceptable state. I have looked on other threads, but can't seem to find anything that relates to a brand new belt - apologies if there is and I am wasting your time! My old SB (from RMAS days) has been passed on and I trying to figure out what to do with a brand new one.

Should I go down the burn down/beeswax route, or simply go with a brush polish/shine finish? Finally, if I go down the beeswax route, can anyone recommend someone reliable?

Many thanks in advance for your advice.
Hi Welsh Cake, If I were you I would wax the belt, but not too much depending if it was made for you or is off the shelf, in my experience waxed belts look better last longer and are easier to look after when they have been waxed properly by someone who knows what they are doing, if you dont know what you are doing you will probably shrink, burn and over wax it. where are you based? your location would certanly make a difference in getting someone to do it for you.
I'd agree with the waxing - a good amount of hard labour at the start, but once it has that deep shine to it, it won't take long to bring back up. The is a member somewhere on here called "The Butler" I think, ex HCR/HCMR and does a waxing service for boots, sure he'd do Sam's as well if you asked politely (With a few quid in your mouth)!
As somebody who plays with leather a word of caution when applying heat to new leather.

New leather still containts a lot of natural oils and moisture content. (Hence the nice aroma and feel).

If you incorrectly apply heat directly to the leather it will shink, not only in the length but in the width and thickness.

I have seen some examples of 'DIY' bees waxing where the belt has shrunk from being 2" wide to around 1 & 3/4" (and less) and a lost of several inches in the length. (Clearly noticable around the buckle).

My advice is to use a reliable and trusted indiviual to carry out the bees waxings and do not DIY.
Thanks for your thoughts. I thought that waxing would be the best bet, but am definately not going to have a go myself. Am based in south Wales, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Am happy to pay for the service, but can anyone advise on what the going rate is please?
Like I said try the butler - I'm sure that's his name! Otherwise, only pick regiments that offer their services if they are public duties - Welsh Guards for example, they'll have a lot more experiance. Is there no-one where your posted? e.g. a L/CPL of someone who can do it? I was HCR/HCMR and I know there where several officers that would pay troopers / JNCO's to wax for them. No shame in it.
Just like boots you need to wear it in.

plat it with a chain and then drag it around camp behind your car for about 5 miles. Then give it a good buff up.
The Butler appears to no longer be providing these services, which is a great shame! Do any of you fine people know of anyone else that is? New sam browne and new brown shoes. Will pay handsomely.

Where are you?

At RMAS the Gurkhas on the gate will do it, Catterick and find a friend in the guards at ITC, same detail for if down south, find a guards battalion.

Or make a friend in the drums platoon.
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